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December 28, 2009

California Farmers vs. Eco-Whackos – Stop The Government-Induced Drought! (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson was in tonight for Sean Hannity, and he was discussing the plight of California farmers, who have had their water supply cut off to their farms. Why? Becomes some environmental whackos value the 2″ “delta smelt” fish over CA farmers feeding their families, as well as all American families. TURN THE WATER BACK ON, OBAMA!

California has let this sore fester, and Sean has been talking about it for a long time. Over the weekend, “60 Minutes” did a segment on it, but California Representative Devin Nunes of the San Joaquin Valley said the “60 Minutes” special was 75% about Gov. Schwarzenegger and not specifically about the farmers’ plight.

Can someone please tell me why we give more of a damn about a 2″ fish over California families? It really is the land of ‘fruits and nuts,’ ain’t it?

July 10, 2009

And Now For Something So Completely Adorable – And Different (VIDEO)

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This was passed along by a friend, and I have to say it’s a laugh I needed. Brilliant technical work, wouldn’t you say?

And doesn’t this song bring back some old-time memories for you baby-boomers? This was REAL rap and fun to dance to!

Makes me want to go get an Evian.

January 11, 2009

Gary Sinise Exposes Saddam’s Brutality (VIDEO)

Tonight, Fox News had a special called “Gary Sinise in Iraq,” and one of the segments included Gary’s tour of one of Saddam’s palaces, another Palace dedicated to Iraq’s ‘victory over America,’ and another building that had an indoor pool, which was not used for swimming. He also gets testimony from our forces about the construction of the building, and about what Saddam did to construction workers who did not perform as fast as Saddam wanted them to.

Then there was the water in lakes and ponds outside. The Iraqis asked the Americans, ‘how did you get this here?’, knowing their people had died from thirst and many of the Iraqi people went without water. The Americans had to explain to the locals and Iraqi forces that it’s what Saddam spent his oil money on, and that he got the water on his own for his own use and purposes, without sharing it with the Iraqi people. Many cursed Saddam, many cried thinking of their troops who died, and most were just incredulous about the brutality of Saddam.

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