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October 25, 2008

Fred Thompson on ’08 Elections – a History Lesson (VIDEO)

An early warning message about an Obama presidency for us all, who love this country so. I, like many of you, are still upset we didn’t see a more energized Fred during the primary, but we can’t agonize over the past. What we have is ahead of us, our future, and we can only do one thing about it – vote right and PRAY A LOT! Oh, yes…and we can listen to Fred’s message about this election.

Fred, dangit! Where was this Fred when we needed you? I could DEFINITELY see a Thompson/Palin ticket without a second thought. I guess everyone has their time and place in history, and yours may not be known now, but I’m sure that I will be grateful to you in the not-too-distant future. I only hope the younger generations find this, watch and listen to it, and learn from you.

You’re a great man, Fred. Nobody will ever replace you.

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