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August 28, 2012

SPECOPS Group to Nail Obama in New Ad: "Bow to Nobody" (VIDEO)

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Just. Wow. This courtesy of patriotic former Navy SEALs. They plan to debut this ad at the RNC sometime this week.

I dare the left to take these heroes on.

The ad was created by and paid for viagra to sell by Special Operations for America. Please support them in any and every way you can.

December 9, 2009

How Are Andy Stern & SEIU Able to Influence 1/6 of the American Economy? (VIDEO)

If you’ve been paying any attention lately, SEIU is neck-deep in a kissy-face relationship with Barack Obama and his administration. And Andy Stern, their leader, has so much influence with Obama that apparently they are able to have the lion’s share of influence over the healthcare reform legislation. “Workers of the world unite!” How is this happening? How are 2 million union members able to over-ride the rest of us?

Well, this is just one of the many topics Glenn tackled today in a segment for which I had a couple of alternative titles: “Beck: We’re in Opposite World,” or “Beck Begs Americans to Wake the F*** Up!” Oh, well, I think the message will get across either way.

November 24, 2009

Beck Unleashes Holy Hell on Obama, Murtha & Company Over Lack of Support for Our Troops (VIDEO)

Wow… Glenn unleashed holy hell today over several issues, the least of which was Obama’s dithering on his Afghanistan policy decision. No one was spared his wrath, including Congress in general, but specifically Jack Murtha.

Since when have our troops been a budgetary concern, especially since they’re actively involved in a war overseas? Oh, yeah… since Obama decided to consider budgetary items ONLY as it concerns the troops and support for them.

I don’t have family in Afghanistan or Iraq, but I have many friends who are there, and they corroborate Glenn’s outrage. Obama dithers while troops die…all the while he plans yet another party for the White House, where all of Hollywood’s elite stars are invited to attend. What a sham.

To make things worse, I have to ask if you remember the civilian Blackwater contractors who were murdered, burned, mutilated and hung from a bridge in Fallujah. Do you? Well apparently some Navy SEALs found the high-value operative behind that atrocity. But what is the current administration doing? The detainee who is responsible for those atrocities told authorities he was punched in the face during questioning when they were found. Somebody call these douchebags a waaahmbulance.

July 12, 2009

Beck on “Faces of Freedom” Book, Profiling 52 Military Heroes (VIDEO)

Last week, Glenn Beck had on authors Rebeccca Pepin and Ruth McGlothlin, of the new book “Faces of Freedom.” This book is dedicated to 52 heroes who have fought for freedom in the current war on terror, and all proceeds of the book sales go to the Fisher House and the the Wounded Warrior Project. If you want to contribute to this effort, or buy the book, please visit RebeccaPepin.com.

Rebecca is from Canada, but is a newly-naturalized citizen of the United States, and is very proud to have been a part of this project. An extra note about the book is that it includes a tribute to Navy SEAL Danny Dietz, who was so proudly honored by Marcus Luttrell in his book “Lone Survivor” about the largest single loss of Navy SEALs ever.

Ruth’s son, Ryan, is also honored in this book, and he carried a poem in his pocket titled “Don’t Quit.” Ryan signed up but never got to serve, however. He signed up yet his life was cut short before he could fulfill his dream of service to this country.

Please go here and BUY THIS BOOK! Your money will go to great causes.

April 22, 2009

O’Reilly & Col. Hunt On the Inside of the Military Operations to Rescue Capt. Phillips (VIDEO)

Tonight on O’Reilly, Lt. Col. David Hunt was on to tell the real behind-the-scenes story about how the operation ran, who screwed up, and why it took so long to conclude this idiotic crap.

It all boils down to a weak-kneed Commander In Chief, but who, at this point, is surprised by that.

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