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October 8, 2008

Beck on Obama: Is There a New Anthem Coming? (VIDEO)

Tonight on Glenn Beck, he was pondering America’s future, as are most of us at this point, and wondering aloud what has happened to our country. Constitution? What? That old thing…too long, just “text” it to me! National Anthem? “Bombs bursting in air?” What a nation of warmongers we’ve become! Glenn wonders if perhaps someone has created our new National Anthem. He played it – and it scared me. It should scare you, too.

The audio in the video is English, but behind the English sub-titles are sub-titles that appear to be Russian to me. Can anybody enlighten me as to what that language really is? Please comment.

This is truly frightening folks, and frankly I’m very nervous about the direction our country seems to be going.

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