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August 28, 2012

SPECOPS Group to Nail Obama in New Ad: "Bow to Nobody" (VIDEO)

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Just. Wow. This courtesy of patriotic former Navy SEALs. They plan to debut this ad at the RNC sometime this week.

I dare the left to take these heroes on.

The ad was created by and paid for viagra to sell by Special Operations for America. Please support them in any and every way you can.

July 5, 2010

The AJC’s Cynthia Tucker Fails at GOP Race Jeopardy on “This Week” (VIDEO)

This was just so funny to make. I apologize ahead of time for the typo of Elaine Chao’s first name, but please watch and enjoy anyway.

Oh, and on a personal note, I am anxiously awaiting another drivel piece from the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the Bush administration being responsible for all the job outsourcing. Why? Just last week I found out, after receiving an email about a subscription to that rag paper, so I had to call the Customer Care center to make sure they weren’t charging me anything and that they did not list me as a current account holder. I detected a bit of strange accent from the customer service woman. I asked her: “…just curious, but where are you located?” Her reply? “Singapore.”

Stupid hypocrite progressives!

November 1, 2009

Rush Limbaugh on Fox News Sunday (VIDEOS)

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Today on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Rush Limbaugh was on to talk about several things including the Obama administration, Sarah Palin, his past battle with addiction, and many more things. I though this was a brilliant interview, and one that I will watch again and again in the future. For those of you who doubt Rush or his power, keep on dreaming – he IS that dominant.

If Rush weren’t so content at doing what he does, I think he would make a fine public servant.

February 4, 2009

Michael Steele on FNS On the Future of the GOP (VIDEO)

This past weekend on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Michael Steele, former Lt. Gov. of Maryland, was on to discuss his selection to be the chair of the RNC. He also talked about what’s gone wrong, what needs to change, and the steps that need to be taken to get back the Conservative brand the GOP has lost.

A portion from the transcript:

WALLACE: I want to start with something that you said in your victory statement on Friday just after you were elected by the RNC. And here it is.


STEELE: We want you to work with us. And for those of you who wish to obstruct, get ready to get knocked over.



WALLACE: Who were you talking about? Who are you thinking may want to obstruct?

STEELE: I’m thinking both inside and outside the party. I think it’s an opportunity for us now to move this party forward on the ideas that matter to the voters, and so I’m not in the mood to have people stand in the way and say, “We can’t. We’ve always done it this way. It’s impossible to do.”

January 30, 2009

Begala: Rush ‘A Corpulent Drug Addict With an AM Radio Talk Show’ (VIDEO)

Commenting on Michael Steele’s recent win to be the RNC Chair, Obama Advisor Paul “the forehead” Begala calls Rush a drug addict. Oh and as a bonus, “Bush laziest President ever”. OK … remind me one more time about “Hope n Change”? Just askin that’s all. Rush must be getting to them. Oh, and Sarah Palin? She’s “bitter and divisive.” And just what does that make you, Mr. Forehead?

Begala is demonstrating the ultimate in hypocrisy. His buttboy, Obama, is an ADMITTED cocaine user, so now tell us again, “forehead”… what is Rush again? Hmmm…


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