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August 18, 2012

Woman Loses Her Mind Over Being Charged 20 Cents for Water at Convenience Store in GA (VIDEO)

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Warning… N.S.F.W. in the LEAST!

Alternate titles? “At a Loss For Words…” or “The Deterioriation of America.”

This video is find cheap viagra online from last year, but I just came across it tonight.

…speechless, pissed, and sad simultaneously. Sad for our country, that is.

September 1, 2009

Beck Digs Deeper Into Van Jones’ History & Finds More Ugliness (VIDEO)

There’s not much more I can say here or editorialize on than what Glenn says. I could have cut out the last part where Glenn poses questions about his own motives, but I wanted to leave it because I think the context is important. If Glenn is wrong, then he’s wrong and discredited. But if he’s right, then what? Then not only does it suck for Glenn, but it sucks for ALL Americans!

I agree with Glenn about this back-and-forth between Left and Right; all common-sense Americans should come together as one group, and ask our government about this man, Van Jones, along with the other “czars” or “special advisers” or whatever the Obama administration is calling these 32 people. We, as a free country, deserve answers to these questions. And only as one voice can we truly ask for and get the answers we need. I think the powers-that-be like it when we are at each others’ throats, so we all need to stop it – and work together.

It is, after all, our country that is at stake. It doesn’t just affect Republicans – it affects every American.

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