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August 18, 2012

Woman Loses Her Mind Over Being Charged 20 Cents for Water at Convenience Store in GA (VIDEO)

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Warning… N.S.F.W. in the LEAST!

Alternate titles? “At a Loss For Words…” or “The Deterioriation of America.”

This video is find cheap viagra online from last year, but I just came across it tonight.

…speechless, pissed, and sad simultaneously. Sad for our country, that is.

January 16, 2012

Watch SC Dem. Chair Dick Harpootlian Embarrass Himself on the O'Reilly Factor (VIDEO)

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Wow…this was a stunning exchange. I had to rewind it twice to revel in the pwnage handed out by Bill O’Reilly. South Carolina Democrat Party Chair, Dick Harpootlian, was on to clear up for O’Reilly something he said recently about the GOP allegedly being racist by having their S.C. debate on the federal holiday celebrating MLK, Jr. O’Reilly wasn’t quite sure he believed what he’d heard or buying viagra without prescription had been told that Harpootlian said, so that’s why he asked him to come on to clear things up.

As is said in many places, “hilarity ensues” (h/t Mediaite):

Frances Martel does a fabulous write-up about it, and I couldn’t have said it any better, so here it is direct from the Mediaite post:

“Are you offended?” O’Reilly asked Harpootlian, who replied that he was not, but that he found the fact that Republicans had “no outreach to African Americans” a problem “in a state where we have an African-American Republican Congressman.” “Adding insult to injury, this debate ignoring Martin Luther King’s birthday!” he added, which made O’Reilly ask who was ignoring the debate and why. The Republicans, Harpootlian replied, because “no one has raised any issue with Fox about it being appropriate or inappropriate.”

May 16, 2011

GA Joins Arizona and Utah, and Passes One of the Nation’s Toughest Immigration Laws

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Well, now we’ve gone and done it. Georgia is joining other front-running states getting serious about criminal illegal invaders coming across the Mexican border. We now join Arizona and Utah who both have their own stringent anti-illegal immigration laws on the books.

Illegals Crossing

And, as expected, we got a bit of “celebrity” outrage expressed this weekend in Atlanta. Apparently Carlos Santana has his thong in a bunch over this new law, as well as Arizona’s. He was at the Braves-Phillies game, and used this opportunity to admonish us both, saying “The people of Arizona, and the people of Atlanta, Georgia, you should be ashamed of yourselves.” Of course this event was baseball’s annual Civil Rights game, so that explains Carlos’ attendance, I guess. But we should be ashamed of ourselves why, Carlos? For trying to enforce the laws that the Federal government won’t? Do we not have the right to try and protect our own State here in Georgia, Carlos?

Here’s the breakdown of the new legislation and the dates the provisions of Georgia House Bill 87 will take effect, from the AJC:

Beginning July 1st of this year:

March 20, 2009

Black GA Lawmakers Storm Out of the House Over Their Resolution to Honor Barack Obama (VIDEO)

Oh, please, spare me the fake outrage. Do you really believe in this language yourself? Especially in light of what’s happened over the past couple of weeks? Give me a freakin’ break!

From MyFoxAtlanta.com:

ATLANTA – Two dozen black lawmakers angrily stalked out of the Georgia House on Friday amid claims a decision by white Republican leaders to delay passage of a resolution honoring President Barack Obama had racist overtones.

House Speaker Glenn Richardson said the proposal to make Obama an honorary member of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus required some changes to its language and sent it to a committee. Supporters, including black lawmakers, claimed the move was a snub to the nation’s first black president.

“It drips with racism,” said state Rep. Al Williams, a Democrat. “I call it just like it is.”

State Rep. Austin Scott said he and other Republicans objected to wording that would have put the full chamber on record backing the resolution and its declaration of Obama as a man with an “unimpeachable reputation for integrity.”

He said he blocked the proposal after Democrats balked at revising the wording.

“All we’ve requested is minor changes to the language,” he said.

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