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August 6, 2012

How a Police Dash-Cam Can Save an Officer's Ass Against Ignorant Citizens (VIDEO)

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Or, alternate title: “Hey dumbass citizen…shut your pie-hole unless you were there for the whole thing.”

This story comes out of Post Falls, Idaho, about an officer-involved shooting of a perp after a high-speed pursuit. The officers involved were cleared of any wrong-doing, and the shooting was deemed justified. From ‘The Spokesman Review:’

Two Post Falls police officers and and Idaho State Police corporal were justified when they shot a fugitive to death in March during a chase that ended in a cul-de-sac in Hayden, authorities concluded this week.

Video from a police cruiser’s dashboard camera released Friday shows Justin Earl Nicholas Todd, 33, strike Idaho State Police Cpl. Michael Thomas Keys with a car before Keys and Post Falls police Officers Aaron Ogle and Bradley Johnson opened fire.

Todd, who died at the scene, was shot 10 times. Johnson fired 16 shots, Ogle fired one and Keys three.

Bonner County Prosecutor Louis Marshall concluded this week that no criminal charges will be filed because the officers’ use of force was lawful.

Here’s the combined-agency video that was released showing the pursuit and shooting:

March 19, 2012

“I Love To Fight Guys Who Are Bigger Than I Am" Says America's Oldest Active Duty Cop

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From the Miami-Herald article about Hialeah Police Lt. Leo Thalassites:

As soon as he felt a gun barrel poke his ribs, the cop broke out his fists of fury to crack ribs, knock out teeth and fracture a thug’s skull.

Not bad for an officer well into his 80s.

“I love to fight guys who are bigger than I am,” said Hialeah Police Lt. Leo Thalassites, 86, as he recalled fending off a robber outside a Greek restaurant in Coral Gables in 2010.

He disarmed the 6-foot-2, 250-pound “punk” and then beat him unconscious. “For more than half a century, I have taught officers to always be ready.”

Three generations of police officials were indeed ready, two weeks ago, when they crowded into Hialeah City Hall to honor the hulking Thalassites for being America’s oldest active cop.

The International Police Association confirmed that Thalassites is indeed the oldest active law enforcement officer in the United States.

A cross between Clint Eastwood and Jackie Chan, the barrel-chested Thalassites is a mixed-martial arts dynamo who started his police career with what was then known as the Metro-Dade Police Department in 1956. He transferred to Hialeah Police in 1963, and state records show he has been active with the department ever since.

February 6, 2012

Occupy Protestors Lash Out at D.C. Police, Act Like Heathens, & Get Arrested (VIDEO)

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This past Saturday, D.C. Police had finally had enough of viagra canadian pharmacy the Occutards and their hazardous waste, filth and general mayhem, so they decided it was time. They had to get them out and the sooner the better. That’s when the trouble began:

Police in riot gear and cleanup crews in hazardous materials suits began enforcing no-camping laws in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza over the weekend, resulting in intense — and often physical — confrontations with Occupy D.C. protesters who resisted their efforts.

At least 12 people were arrested during the weekend enforcement actions, and the majority of tents that made up the McPherson Square camp were removed along with truckloads of trash. One police officer was injured Saturday when he was struck in the face with a brick.

Hit a cop in the face with a brick? Niiice going there, occutards! From the Washington Times piece:

Police said Sunday they had found human feces, urine in plastic bottles, used condoms and rats — alive and dead. Some of the equipment was tagged and bagged and for protesters to claim beginning Monday morning at U.S. Park Police headquarters.

October 31, 2011

Occupy Denver Thugs Knock Over Motorcycle Cop On His Bike (VIDEO)

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This is just downright outrageous. I hope this d-bag fell down a lot on his way to jail. These thugs are out of control, and a pox on all the houses of Mayors and Governors who refuse to put a stop to this anarchistic behavior.

Yeah, these folks are JUST like the Tea Party. /sarc
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July 24, 2009

Pres. Obama Acting “Stupidly” Gives Non-Apology (VIDEO)

Today Obama made a surprise visit to the daily White House press briefing to discuss a phone conversation he had this afternoon with Sgt. Crowley of the Cambridge Police Dept. He said they had a good discussion, even made the comment that the Sgt. and Obama have a beer sometime in the future at the White House.

However, he did not apologize for saying the Cambridge PD was acting “stupidly,” and said he stuck by his original assessment, that ‘pulling Gates out of his home’ (which did not happen) was wrong. He said both parties (Sgt. Crowley & Prof. Gates) “over-reacted.”

How is it that Obama can apologize on behalf of America all over the world, but he cannot make a simple apology for playing the race card on national TV? PrezBO is the one who is “acting stupidly.”

And yes, we are supposed to believe this whole discussion occurred inside a 5-minute phone conversation. I call B.S. on that part, as well.

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