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February 18, 2009

Obamamania Strikes Brazil’s Carnival

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According to the AP article from today: (emphasis mine, comments in red mine)

The Carnival beauty famed for proving it’s possible to get too naked for Brazil’s samba parades is looking for the spotlight again—by painting her body with an image of President Barack Obama.

Viviane Castro last year made headlines by appearing as a samba school drum queen while wearing nothing but a tape 3 centimeters (1.6 inches) wide—managing to violate a little-enforced nudity rule and drawing a penalty for her group.

Castro, 26, said she will wear slightly more on Friday—but will still have plenty of room to have Obama’s image placed somewhere on her body for all to see.

The exact location won’t be revealed until Sao Paulo samba school X-9 Paulistana parades Friday night, said spokeswoman Ana Neiva.

“This year I will come back with minimal clothing again but honoring the great political figure Barack Obama,” Castro told the G1 Web site in comments confirmed by Neiva. “Everyone, in a certain way, is looking at him to create a good government and take the world out of the crisis.”

January 26, 2009

Mike Baker and Brad Thor Talk Terror Threats With Beck (VIDEO)

Former CIA operative Mike Baker, and former member of the Homeland Security Analytic Red-Cell Program Brad Thor were on Glenn Beck’s show today to talk about the recent threats coming from groups of Yemeni-born citizens living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as well as the continuing threat from Mexico, just south of our border. Catherine Herridge filled the panel in on the recent threats by the Yemeni nationals, and Baker and Thor brought their counter-terrorism expertise to the table as well.

Folks, we better wake up and start paying attention to things like this, because if we don’t, we are doomed to have another 9/11 happen, and it will be our own fault for allowing ourselves to become so complacent and far-removed from that event. And I’m not so sure if we will ever be able to recover from what they might bring next; regardless or where the attack comes from.

Americans continue to pay more attention to Entertainment Tonight or American Idol than we do the more important things, and we do so at our own peril. And the terrorists know this, and believe you me, they are right now plotting and planning, they know our weaknesses, and they are just waiting for their best opportunity to exploit them. Thank you Hollywood and the leftists, and the jihadi-apologist mainstream media – quite a piece of work you all weave on a daily basis.

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