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January 16, 2012

Mark Levin on Cavuto, Discussing his New Book "Ameritopia" (VIDEO)

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Today on Neil Cavuto, radio talk show host and constitutional scholar, Mark Levin was on to discuss his new book, “Ameritopia.”

Levin’s previous book, “Liberty and Tyranny” was a best-seller, as was another book before that titled, “Men in Black.” order cialis online from canada “Liberty and Tyranny” is a must-read for anybody who wants to know how we got to the point where we are in America today.

August 11, 2011

Amilya Antonetti & Erica Payne Spar on The Factor (VIDEO)

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Last night on Bill O’Reilly, Bill was discussing the riots in the U.K., and two of his guests went toe to toe over the general state of entitlements in Western society, particularly as it pertains to government spending, taxes and regulations. Small business owner, Amilya Antonetti, and progressive shill for “The Agenda Project” (George Soros-backed group), Erica Payne squared off about how much these things are hurting small businesses.

If you’re thinking you recognize both of these ladies, it’s because you do. And there are no two more polar opposites on this planet than Amilya and Erica. Remember Erica’s appearance on Cavuto, when she defended her organization’s production of that godawful Mediscare ad of a Paul Ryan look-alike pushing grandma over a cliff in a wheelchair? Yeah, that Erica Payne.

And I know you recognize Amilya, Chairman and CEO at AMA Productions, from her recent righteous rant on Cavuto about the government’s onerous taxes and regulations that affect all small businesses in America. Oh, she went directly after Obama, too. :-) She is one tough cookie, who’s clearly had enough of the government’s shenanigans, so when I saw her paired up with this uber-progressive acolyte of the Rev. Jim Wallis, I knew this was gonna be some gooooood TV!

May 18, 2011

Cavuto to Mediscare Ad Creator – 'Your Ad is Over the Top' (VIDEO)

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If you haven’t seen the repulsive “mediscare” ad I’m referring to, you will in this segment fromm Neil Cavuto’s show today. Erica Payne, member of a group called “The Agenda Project.” Um, yeah, I’d say that’s pretty fitting.

I guess if you want to really scare seniors, create an ad showing someone pushing their grandmother over a cliff. Yeah, that’s gonna really go over well with the public. /sarc

This woman is so ignorant I cannot believe Neil was so nice to her. It really doesn’t surprise me, however, hearing that she is inspired by her friend, the “Reverend” Jim Wallis (look him up). She so buys into his “social justice” garbage that she has to mention his name twice.

And what is this deal with the budget of this country being a “moral” issue? Seriously! How do these people think we’re going to be able to take care of ANYBODY when we have run completely out of money, or countries refuse to loan us any more? You can’t do squat when you have no money. Last time I tried to pay my rent by telling my landlord “can you please just give me a break this time? It’s the moral thing to do.” Yeah, she didn’t buy that either. And I’ve never been able to buy anything with an idea.

November 4, 2010

Daniel Hannan Talks to Neil Cavuto About U.S. Elections and the Economy (VIDEO)

Wednesday on Your World with Neil Cavuto, Member of the European Parliament, Daniel Hannan, was on to talk about America’s election Tuesday and how economic indications can and must effect Western industrialized nations everywhere.

Austerity is the way Europeans are going, and Hannan says he is encouraged by the latest American election results. He said, and I agree, that all Western countries must focus on economic recovery, but not by spending money we don’t have.

May 16, 2010

Cavuto’s Common Sense on Robert Gibbs’ Attack of the FNC Michael Brown Interview (VIDEO)

A week or so ago, Neil Cavuto addressed Robert Gibbs’ latest attacks on Fox News for having former FEMA director, Mike Brown on to discuss the current oil spill situation. Gibbs apparently never saw the Brown interview, or just took the word from some staffers, and from that attacked FNC journalist Wendell Goler at a White House presser regarding the Gulf oil spill.

Heckuva job, Brownie? Not so much… Heckuva job, Gibby? Are you kidding me? Baghdad Bob must be laughing at this.

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