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December 21, 2008

Cheney’s Lightning Round With Chris on FNS (VIDEO)

Well, only partial. I cut out the last segment, but this is the golden part. He talks about the high & low moments of his 40 years of public service, then answers the one pertinent question: Did he tell Patrick Leahy to do something to himself that’s not physicially possible? Dick says yeah, he did – and it was merited. LOVE it!

Here’s the transcript:

WALLACE: As we’ve mentioned, you are ending 40 years on and off in public service here in Washington. We’ve like to do a lightening round of quick questions and quick answers if we could with you. Washington, better or worse over these four decades?

CHENEY: Well, I think there’s some of both. I mean when I arrived here in 1968, we’d had Martin Luther King assassination, the Bobby Kennedy assassination, riots in the city of Washington. There were machine guns deployed on the steps of the Capitol in order to make certain that the rioters didn’t get close to the center of the city.

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