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April 7, 2010

Liz Cheney & Laura Ingraham Discuss Gitmo Lawyers for Exposing CIA Operatives to Their Detainee Clients (VIDEO)

Tonight, Laura Ingraham sat in for Bill O’Reilly, and Liz Cheney of Keep America Safe was on to discuss Gitmo lawyers defending the detainees. Apparently they’re part of an ACLU group called the “John Adams Project,” which is in and of itself, ludicrous. What’s at play here is the fact some of these detainee Gitmo defense attorneys supplied the detainees photos of CIA operatives, sketches and drawings of Gitmo and the prison layout, and paparazzi-like photos of CIA officers at various locations, including their homes.

I agree with Laura and Liz both that Eric Holder’s Dept. of Justice should be required to disclose the names of the lawyers who formerly worked for the defense of the detainees, yet now are working in the DOJ and will now be involved in the prosecution of these detainees, should they ever be brought to American soil. This cannot stand.

December 30, 2009

Coulter & Breitbart On The Obama Administration’s Weakness and the War On Terror (VIDEO)

Today, Eric Bolling was sitting in for Glenn Beck, and he had on Ann Coulter & Andrew Breitbart to discuss the current war on terror situation, and all I can say is it was classic Coulter & Breitbart. No further commentary needed on my part.

Watch and learn, watch-and-learners!

December 30, 2009

The Term “Enemy Combatant” No Longer Exists in America, Thanks to Obama (VIDEO)

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Or so says Tamara Holder, defense attorney. On the O’Reilly show last night, guest-hosted by Eric Bolling, Tamara was on and embarassed herself thoroughly in front of the entire country; and simultaneously made our enemies hopeful. You see, Tamara said that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab could not POSSIBLY be called an “enemy combatant,” because after all, Obama said so.

Tamara says that ‘Teh One’ officially “dispelled” that term in March of 2009. She proclaimed “there IS no word ‘enemy combatant’ – I don’t know why Hoekstra and Candice Miller and all these people are saying that he’s an enemy combatant. There is no such term in America anymore. Obama dispelled of that.”

She goes on further to say “he is a terrorist, he committed a terrorist act, he was not on the battlefield. He is supposed to be tried and convicted in America.”

Enter retired CIA Senior Operations Officer, Gary Berntsen. He looks stunned at what this neophyte has been spewing about Abdulmutallab and his “rights.” He reminds her quite succinctly that yes, Virginia, the term “enemy combatant” does still exist (whether Obummer admits it or not), as it is part of the Geneva Convention.

December 28, 2009

MI Rep. Candice Miller: It’s Time to Get Real in War On Terror (VIDEO)

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Today on Cavuto, Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI) was on to talk about the recent Christmas-day attempt at blowing up a NW Airlines flight. She said it’s time to talk about reality instead of trying to be popular in the world, and reminds us all that the threat of terrorism is still so very real.

There is even word today that not only is Al Quaeda claiming responsibility for this attack, but Al Qaeda planners behind the Christmas plot were also former Gitmo detainees who were repatriated to Yemen, and what did they do? This new plot, and probably more. This is just another example of why Gitmo needs to remain open – and even MORE reason why we need to treat this scumbag as an enemy combatant; not a criminal in civilian courts.

Heck, the dirtbag is already confessing to what he’s done, saying there are more just like him. They’re only sitting, waiting and plotting more ways to attack the United States. How much more to DHS head Janet “Incompetano” Napolitano and Barry Obama need to learn? This sack of $hit needs to be taken immediately out of the Michigan hospital state-of-the-art burn center and immediately delivered to the front steps of Gitmo. Forget about the skin grafts! Slap some salve in those burn wounds, top it off with a bandaid, and send him on his way.

November 16, 2009

Cong. Thaddeus McCotter on RedEye Discussing the KSM Move (VIDEO)

Folks, I normally capture RedEye video because it’s funny, but this segment is different. Yes, there are a few humorous jabs in here, but by far this has to be the most cogent, concise argument/discussion about the the Attorney General’s decision to move Kalid Sheikh Mohammed and his co-conspirators to NYC for trial. Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter lays out the anti-argument so clearly that this must be seen.

Even Bill Schulz, typically a liberal, does not think this is a good idea. The lone liberal on this episode & topic, comedian John Devore, does give his pro-argument for Eric Holder’s decision. However, it doesn’t stand a chance once McCotter yields his lucid sword of reason a final time.

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