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August 18, 2012

Woman Loses Her Mind Over Being Charged 20 Cents for Water at Convenience Store in GA (VIDEO)

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Warning… N.S.F.W. in the LEAST!

Alternate titles? “At a Loss For Words…” or “The Deterioriation of America.”

This video is find cheap viagra online from last year, but I just came across it tonight.

…speechless, pissed, and sad simultaneously. Sad for our country, that is.

March 21, 2010

Geraldo Shills for Obamacare – What More Should We Expect from Jerry? (VIDEO)

If I didn’t love my TV so much, I would have put it out of my misery with my Glock when Jerry Rivers, er, I mean Geraldo Rivera popped on to spout his drivel about the glorious wonders of Obamacare. Stupid fake latino.

I’m surprised MSNBC hasn’t peeled him away from FNC. Please take him…you can have him.

March 21, 2010

Steve Hayes: This Healthcare Reform Will Bankrupt the Country (VIDEO)

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On a special edition of Special Report, the subject was today’s vote on the healthcare reform bill, a.k.a. “Obamacare.” Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard gave a breakdown of past entitlement programs including Medicare and Social Security, what promises were made about them, and how they wound up affecting America in reality, fiscally speaking. Steve gives a somber yet believable analysis about this newest entitlement: it will bankrupt this country.

This is going to make the federal debt clock, as Steve says, go into double-time. This new entitlement is an outrage. As if we don’t have enough unfunded liabilities as it is?

October 26, 2009

Beck on the “Me” Generation, Political Correctness, and Our Future (VIDEO)

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I’ve purposefully captured the majority of this video from Beck’s show today because other liberal sites are already selectively pulling out the “generation of would-be killers” segment. I want you to see/hear Beck’s argument en toto so you know the context.

I agree with Beck that we’ve raised a generation of whiner cry-babies who think they have everything coming to them, without any question or merit. Should we choose to continue down this path, our future generations will be unable to provide for themselves or their children, much less their aging parents should that be an issue for them.

Exit question/request for Beck-haters: Can you please refute one piece of Glenn’s stance on this issue from today’s show? I, too, want a simpler explanation to a question that sadly I know all-to-clearly has no simple response. I was brought up in the age of consequences for my actions, and I never received awards nor accolades that I did not earn or deserve. That’s what’s wrong with this new generation growing up today; dare I say the “Obama voters” we know all too well.

June 24, 2009

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: Obama Hates the White Man (VIDEO)

Today Judge Andrew Napolitano was sitting in for Glenn Beck, and one topic of discussion was the universal health care crap the administration is trying to ram down our throats. Guests included Dr. Eric Novack from Arizonans for Healthcare Freeom. Arizona is trying to amend their state Constitution to protect individuals’ rights to choose and pay for their own healthcare as they see fit.

Also on was the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, who has a similar take on what Obama’s aspirations are, but has an inside track on what his real intentions are and who he really is trying to screw. This is going to be a shocka to some, and if it weren’t for the Sanford story, this would probably be all over today (oh, there’s also that little ABC Obama-infomercial tonight, too – yeah, not watchin’ it either).

You gotta give it to Rev. Peterson for stepping up and speaking the truth! He should know…he is from the black community.

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