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August 6, 2012

How a Police Dash-Cam Can Save an Officer's Ass Against Ignorant Citizens (VIDEO)

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Or, alternate title: “Hey dumbass citizen…shut your pie-hole unless you were there for the whole thing.”

This story comes out of Post Falls, Idaho, about an officer-involved shooting of a perp after a high-speed pursuit. The officers involved were cleared of any wrong-doing, and the shooting was deemed justified. From ‘The Spokesman Review:’

Two Post Falls police officers and and Idaho State Police corporal were justified when they shot a fugitive to death in March during a chase that ended in a cul-de-sac in Hayden, authorities concluded this week.

Video from a police cruiser’s dashboard camera released Friday shows Justin Earl Nicholas Todd, 33, strike Idaho State Police Cpl. Michael Thomas Keys with a car before Keys and Post Falls police Officers Aaron Ogle and Bradley Johnson opened fire.

Todd, who died at the scene, was shot 10 times. Johnson fired 16 shots, Ogle fired one and Keys three.

Bonner County Prosecutor Louis Marshall concluded this week that no criminal charges will be filed because the officers’ use of force was lawful.

Here’s the combined-agency video that was released showing the pursuit and shooting:

April 9, 2009

Let’s Take a Look-See Into Michael Edmonds’ Past…You Know, Dasy’s Killer?


4/11/09: Soon after posting this original piece, an alert reader notified me that I had the info on the wrong “Michael Edmonds.” Also, the Houston Chronicle finally did a piece on this act of savagery, so we now know his true and correct name, Michael John Edmonds, II (wonder what the Sr. Edmonds thinks about his off-spring?). The images below are corrections of the ones originally posted. My apologies for the bad information. It has been corrected below.


Just happened to get some info on one Mr. Michael Edmonds, who recently surrendered to authorities and was released on bond in Texas. He plead “no contest” to the execution of Marcus Luttrell’s baby girl “Dasy,” his precious, sweet ‘daughter.’ She was his best friend and therapy dog who helped him through the rough patches after his ordeal in Afghanistan, losing all of his Navy SEAL team members in a ferocious fight against the Taliban in the Hindu Kush mountains. Marcus was the “Lone Survivor,” and author of the same-titled best-seller (which is a MUST read for everyone).

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