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February 5, 2012

Marco Rubio's Keynote Address at HLN Conference (VIDEO)

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I know this is a week or so old, but for those of you who have not seen it, I would categorieze this as “must-see” video. This is from the Hispanic Leadership Network Conference in Miami Florida on where can i buy viagra January 27th. Marco Rubio is one of those Freshmen Republicans in Washington, but his star shines bright on the horizon. I expect many good things from this man in the future, and there couldn’t be a more important time in America’s history for people of Rubio’s character to become involved in politics to help right this ship.

A couple of excerpts from the transcript of the speech:

…when the choices that are put before us today are dangerous ones, because if we choose this path of pitting people against each other, if we buy into this notion that our economy really can’t grow fast enough for all of us to prosper so we’re going to have to somehow empower government to distribute the wealth of this country among us, we’ve chosen to become like everybody else. We’ve chosen to become like the countries that your parents and grandparents came here to get away from. And that’s a powerful message. And that’s the message that we need to deliver. And that’s the message we need to work on delivering. It’s a winning message, but it’s a difficult message to get to because the gateway issue of immigration stands in the minds of so many people who we live next to and love.

November 2, 2010

BREAKING: Marco Rubio’s Victory Speech in Florida (VIDEO)

Marco Rubio gives an impassioned victory speech, with much humility about his family’s beginnings in Communist Cuba.

God bless this man, and pray for him that his soul is not corrupted in Washington D.C.

September 1, 2009

Beck Talks to Pastor Stephen Broden on Obama’s Czars (VIDEO)

Yesterday, Beck had a guest on, Pastor Stephen Broden of the Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, after a viewer sent him a clip of the Pastor speaking to a Dallas 9/12 Project group. Glenn was duly impressed, as was I, and the good Pastor’s outrage over the recent remarks of California Dem. Rep. Diane Watson, giving laudatory praise and adulation to Fidel Castro and Che Guevara in a recent speech, was equaled by my own along with many others.

Pastor Broden agrees with Beck, saying it’s time for all Americans to awaken and pay attention to what is going on in our government. He, too, is dismayed at the level of power that’s being built up in the Executive Branch, and given to folks who are accountable to nearly no one except the President.

This is a call for all of you, folks, to please wake up, pay attention, and even if you HATE Beck with everything in your soul, please just listen to the questions he posts and do some research for yourself. See if you can find different outcomes/answers than do Glenn and Pastor Broden. It’s up to all of us to keep ourselves engaged and active, or we’ll never be able to get our Republic back.

January 24, 2009

Beck on the Insanity of Closing Gitmo (VIDEO)

Today Beck was talking about Obama’s “executive order” that was signed effectively closing Gitmo. He showed a brief clip of himself on an upcoming show with Geraldo this weekend, and apparently it’s going to be pretty entertaining. We all know Geraldo is a liberal bed-wetter and comforter of all things criminal – especially when he views them to be “victims.” Geraldo doesn’t want a border fence, and is also a proponent of closing Gitmo and bringing those islamofascists into American courtrooms and prisons.

Oh, yeah, THAT’S gonna solve a lot of problems! /sarc

Bleeding-heart liberals just don’t get it. Criminals deserve no save-haven, and we should not coddle them when it’s not legally deemed appropriate. Criminal illegal aliens? Geraldo wants blanket amnesty! Kalid Sheikh Mohammed? Geraldo wants to fluff up his pillow, hire a masseuse for him, read him his Miranda warning and give him a “fair trial” in the U.S. judicial system, with discovery and all that jazz. Geraldo actually made the loony argument that cities would LOVE to have the detainees in their cities because it would be an “economic infusion” for those communities! ARE YOU SERIOUSLY KIDDING ME, GERALDO?

January 22, 2009

Scarborough & Buchanan Spar With Mika & Capehart on Gitmo (VIDEO)

This is just PRICELESS, folks! This morning on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ the crew again had another fight about what is torture and what is not, and whether or not Bush is responsible for Gitmo’s existence (Joe & Pat rightfully remind the crew that it was OBL who is responsible for that maelstrom). DING, DING, DING!!!! The fight is on!!! Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough in the corner of “reason,” Vs. Mika Brzezinski and Jonathan Capehart in the corner of “feelings.”

h/t for the transcript goes to Scott Whitlock of Newsbusters:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I’m refraining from debate because we’re not going to have time for the next op-ed. Washington Post. Marc Thiessen. “2,688 days. As the new president receives his intelligence briefings, certain facts must now be apparent. Al Qaeda is actively working to attack our country again. And the policies and institutions that George W. Bush put in place to stop this are succeeding. During the campaign, Obama pledged to dismantle many of these policies. He follows through on those pledges at America’s peril and had his own. If Obama weakens any of the defenses Bush put in place and terrorists strike our country again, America will hold Obama responsible and the Democratic Party could find itself unelectable for a generation.”

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