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August 7, 2009

Michelle Malkin Takes On The View Hags (VIDEO)

I’m going to let this video speak for itself. Michelle is on to promote her book, “Culture of Corruption.” I’d like to see Tanya Reiman read this panel’s body language. Joy is absolutely apoplectic, and Sherri struggles to speak intelligently.


June 15, 2009

Beck & Byron York on the Firing of Inspector General, Gerald Walpin (VIDEO)

Today on Beck, Byron York was on hand to discuss some funny business that went on last Thursday night during the middle of the night in Washington. You see, Barack Obama fired the Inspector General of AmeriCorps, but he did not give him any reason. The IG, Gerald Walpin, who was investigating Kevin Johnson for misuse of AmeriCorps funds, got a call late Wednesday night saying the president had lost confidence in him and gave him the offer to resign or be fire. Walpin refused to resign; especially considering his investigation into Johnson (a friend and contributor to Obama, as well as a former NBA player and current Mayor of Sacramento) had proven large misappropriations of AmeriCorp funds, and Walpin had done nothing wrong.

You see, what Obama did was actually violate a law that was passed in 2008, to which he was a co-sponsor of said legislation, that said any Inspector General who would be fired would require a 30-day notice to Congress, along with the listed cause for the firing. Walpin got neither. And he stood his ground, saying he did nothing wrong and was holding strong and speaking out as a warning to other IGs who might find themselves in disfavor with the President.

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