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November 13, 2010

Geraldo: “Lots of Conservatives Smoke Pot” (VIDEO)

Seriously Geraldo? SERIOUSLY?

Your deductive reasoning skills notwithstanding, this explains why you had 9/11 truthers on the same show at the beginning of the segment, and even expressed your own doubts about Building 7. Loser.

May 19, 2010

Sarah Palin Shows Her Polished Bona Fides on America’s Nightly Scoreboard (VIDEO)

Sarah was on FBN’s “America’s Nightly Scoreboard” with David Asman tonight, and she knocked it out of the park on MANY fronts! She clearly is honing her bona fides on national issues, and she obviously demonstrates a deep understanding of the oil & gas industry. This woman is no shrinking violet, and the more she speaks, the more my confidence in her grows.

And for all of you out there with PDS, save your comments and baseless attacks for someone who cares; Lord knows I don’t. If you can’t refute her on policy or current national issues and only resort to personal attacks, you only reveal yourself as the fool you are.

I think this was one of the longest “Scoreboard” segments they’ve ever had. Love, love, LOVE David Asman! He’s turning out to be a low-key Beck for FBN. Heck, Andrew Breitbart is darn-near a daily guest, and Asman is a vocal PROPONENT of the tea partiers and vocal OPPONENT of government spending.

Watch and enjoy, watch-and-enjoyers.

April 12, 2010

Herman Cain at the SRLC on The Way Forward for Conservatives (Video)

For those outside of Atlanta, Georgia, get ready for a real treat. Our resident common-sense conservative patriot, Herman Cain, spoke so eloquently at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. I’ve been listening to Herman Cain on Atlanta’s WSB Radio AM 750 for years now, and he is a strong proponent of the Fair Tax. He’s also the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. He not only has his own show at 7PM EST on WSB Radio, but when Neal Boortz is out, Herman subs for him.

When the first Fair Tax rally happened in Gwinnett County, GA, Herman’s speech roused the crowd to the point of all of us nearly speaking in tongues. Preach it brother Cain… PREACH IT!

P.S. Listen to the very end of the clip… what do you think about Herman’s comment? I would LOVE it if what I take from it is true. It’s time for all the Intelligent Thinkers Movemtn to unite. And the Fair Tax is really the ONLY way to fix this economy. Please consider and research more on Herman Cain. He’s the real deal. I am so proud he’s a fellow Georgian.

March 28, 2010

Marco Rubio’s Farewell Speech to the FL House of Representatives (VIDEO)

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Marco Rubio’s farewell address to the Florida House of Representatives where he served as Speaker.

If I were living in Florida, I would vote for this man for Senator. We need this man.

January 11, 2010

BREAKING: MA Senatorial Candidate, Scott Brown, Reaches $1M MoneyBomb Tonight! (VIDEOS)

Folks have answered the call today, and beyond his $500,000 goal for the Red Invades Blue push for grassroots support, Republican Massachusetts Senatorial Campaign, Scott Brown, has thus far raised a whopping $1,050,156.36 in donations TODAY ALONE! The grassroots are TRULY motivated for relevant change, and it couldn’t make a more impactful statement than it does because it was achieved in the bluest of blue states, Massachusetts!

All I can say is, W00t! Go, Scott Go! If I could vote for you, I would, but I’m sending out many prayers your way so that the Massachusetts voters will get out and make that change happen!

By the way, thanks to the boys at Hillbuzz for inspiring me to get involved with this campaign.

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