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July 18, 2011

Does Bob Schieffer Understand the Role of Congress? (VIDEO)

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Yesterday on “Face the Nation,” Bob Schieffer finished the show with his typical ‘final comment.’ I was watching as it was broadcast, and before he got out the first portion of his comment, I literally dropped the remote, as well as my jaw… I said out loud “Do WHAT?”

Watch and listen…see if you don’t catch it.

Really Bob? It’s the job of Congress to improve our lives? That’s EXACTLY what’s eff’ed up about the government today!cialis super active canada

January 4, 2011

Frank Luntz Focus Group Featuring Freshmen Republican Members of Congress (VIDEO)

This was a great gathering, although it’s not like the typical dial-meter focus groups Frank Luntz has, but nonetheless it was very exciting to see and hear from some of the incoming freshmen Republican congressmen and congresswomen. Yes, they’re going to say all the right things we want to hear, but I’m tired of being a cynic. So, let’s give them a shot and see if they can stick to the ideas and goals they laid out here for themselves and the 112th Congress – at least on the Republican side of the aisle.

I hope they are successful and that they don’t get the Potomac Fever; it’s ruined many a good person. Let’s hold them to what they say today. Come back in six months and see if you are disappointed or surprised by any of them. Me? I’m gonna give them a chance.

November 7, 2010

Marco Rubio Gives GOP Weekly Address & Reminds Us of Why America Is An Exceptional Nation (VIDEO)

h/t HotAir:

Marco Rubio gave the GOP weekly address this weekend, and reminded us of two things: 1) Why the Democrats so feared him, and; 2) why America is such an exceptional nation. A portion of the transcript from the LA Times blog:

America is the single greatest nation on earth, a place without equal in the history of all mankind. A place built on free enterprise, where the employee can become the employer. Where small businesses are started every day in a spare bedroom and where someone like me, the son of a bartender and maid, can become a United States Senator.

I know about the unique exceptionalism of our country. Not because I read about it in a book, I’ve seen it through my own eyes. You see, I was raised in a community of exiles, by people who lost their country, people who once had dreams like we do today but had to come to a foreign shore to find them.

November 2, 2010

BREAKING: Future House Speaker Boehner Chokes Up During Election Night Speech (VIDEO)

Future Speaker of the House, John Boehner, got up tonight to speak about the election results and what it means, not only for the country, but also to him as someone who grew up pursuing the American dream.

This is honestly a side I’ve never seen in Mr. Boehner. But honestly, I know many folks from Ohio and they are all “good people.”

God bless you, John, and God bless the U.S.A.

November 2, 2010

BREAKING: Marco Rubio’s Victory Speech in Florida (VIDEO)

Marco Rubio gives an impassioned victory speech, with much humility about his family’s beginnings in Communist Cuba.

God bless this man, and pray for him that his soul is not corrupted in Washington D.C.

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