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February 29, 2012

O'Reilly Panel Discusses Whether or Not We're Losing In Afghanistan (VIDEO)

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Yesterday, Col. David Hunt (Ret.) and Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) were on O’Reilly to discuss the mess we are currently experiencing in Afghanistan, with the Quran burning bull**it and four of our military personnel being specifically targeted and killed in retaliation for this nonsense.

I say we cut our losses, leave the place and bomb the place to canadian pharmacy discount hell….back to the 9th century (where we found it).

January 16, 2012

Watch SC Dem. Chair Dick Harpootlian Embarrass Himself on the O'Reilly Factor (VIDEO)

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Wow…this was a stunning exchange. I had to rewind it twice to revel in the pwnage handed out by Bill O’Reilly. South Carolina Democrat Party Chair, Dick Harpootlian, was on to clear up for O’Reilly something he said recently about the GOP allegedly being racist by having their S.C. debate on the federal holiday celebrating MLK, Jr. O’Reilly wasn’t quite sure he believed what he’d heard or buying viagra without prescription had been told that Harpootlian said, so that’s why he asked him to come on to clear things up.

As is said in many places, “hilarity ensues” (h/t Mediaite):

Frances Martel does a fabulous write-up about it, and I couldn’t have said it any better, so here it is direct from the Mediaite post:

“Are you offended?” O’Reilly asked Harpootlian, who replied that he was not, but that he found the fact that Republicans had “no outreach to African Americans” a problem “in a state where we have an African-American Republican Congressman.” “Adding insult to injury, this debate ignoring Martin Luther King’s birthday!” he added, which made O’Reilly ask who was ignoring the debate and why. The Republicans, Harpootlian replied, because “no one has raised any issue with Fox about it being appropriate or inappropriate.”

January 5, 2012

American Sniper and Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle, Speaks to Bill O'Reilly (VIDEO)

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One of this country’s best heroes, U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, appeared on Bill O’Reilly tonight not only to promote his new book, “American Sniper,” but to tell the tale of his experiences in the Middle East as the most sucessful American sniper, as well as his convictions of his accomplishments. He not only performed so well to save the lives of his fellow military men & women, but also the innocent Iraqi men, women and children, against what he calls (as well as most others do) “savages;” savages who would rape, murder, and torture their fellow countrymen and women in the name of their “god.”

I think Bill O was a bit out of line in his questioning of Kyle, pressing him on his conviction that what he had done was the right thing. In the end, however, Kyle acquitted himself quite well for this interview.

You don’t agree with Kyle? Sucks to be you, but he did what his country asked him to do, and I think he did an out-freaking-STANDING job as a SEAL. America is a safer country because of men like him.

August 18, 2011

Charlie Rangle Responds to Allen West, Does Battle with Laura Ingraham (VIDEO)

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This is a delicious follow-up to yesterday’s segment on O’Reilly, where Laura interviewed Florida Congressman Allen West on his thoughts of Cong. Maxine Waters saying Barack is doing the black community a disservice. Apparently Cong. Charlie Rangle watched that exchange and had his own opinion of what West had to say. It started out typically adversarial, but once Rangle started going back to the “blame Bush” and “tea party” talking points, Laura took it up a notch or two…. or twelve.

Loved it! Folks like Rangle and Sharpton hate it when they’re called on being members in good standing in the race pimp industry. Good on you, Laura! Bill would have been too soft on shyster Rangle.

And oh, Mr. Rangle…sexist much? Laura is Bill O’s pretty “secret weapon?” You’re a toad. levitra cheap

August 17, 2011

Congressman Allen West Comes Out Swinging at the Democrat Plantation (VIDEO)

Heh… this was a SLAM from someone who cannot be called a raaaaacist, unless, of course, you’re a liberal. Then, I guess, West becomes an “Uncle Tom.” Either way, you can’t deny he’s telling it like it really is.

Too bad the big race pimp industry in America doesn’t get it… and yes, that includes you, Maxine “this liberal will be all about socializing…” Waters, as well as the established Congressional Black Congress.

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