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August 14, 2012

Thank You, Team Obama, For the Best Laugh I've Had In Years!

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Okay now, this is rich! Team Obama, according to The Hill, is confident that Biden will be able to take on Paul Ryan in their debates. According to the piece:

…Obama’s campaign is brimming with confidence about the match-up between Biden and Ryan, arguing that the real game-changer is on their side.

In speeches Monday and Tuesday in the swing states of North Carolina and Virginia, Biden cranked up the rhetoric, highlighting the Obama campaign’s belief that it has the momentum in the race — not Romney and Ryan.

Senior aides close to Biden insist the vice president can attack Ryan and Romney with force and his characteristic folksiness, all while charming a crowd with humor and self-effacement.

“He’s real confident talking about Ryan because he knows him. It’s an easy thing for him to do,” said one senior adviser to Biden. “He can criticize Ryan without being personal about it.”

My thoughts?

Laughing Donkey

April 12, 2012

Check Out Essential 2012 Bumper Stickers & Some Gear Here!

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March 15, 2012

ZoNation on What You Might Find if You Open Up Your Hearts & Minds to Derrick Bell (VIDEO)

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h/t The Right Scoop

So, back in his college days, Obama asked people to open up their “hearts and minds” to Derrick Bell, so Alfonzo Rachel wants to give you a little peek inside in a classic installment of cheapest generic viagra online ZoNation.

See more of Alfozo at PJTV.

March 14, 2012

The Intersection of Radicals Derrick Bell, Bill Ayers & Ward Churchill (VIDEO)

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Excellent job, DearCitizenTV!

From his YouTube video:

What does Obama’s racial theory Professor Derrick Bell have in common with Bill Ayers? Make sure to share this video on your facebook wall or tweet it if the message resonates with you.

Here are my sources:

Revolution Newspaper Info
In Support of Ward Churchill
In Support Of Norman Finkelstein

Yes, indeeed, BREITBART IS HERE! It is for new media citizen journalists like DearCitizenTV (@JustenCharters) that Breitbart worked so hard. Just a cursory search of all the video sharing networks, I can see an Army of Breitbarts is truly springing up. Well done, young man…well done.

P.S. Cindy Sheehan also online viagra canada has a notable place in one of the above-mentioned sites. :-)

February 11, 2012

Full Sarah Palin CPAC Keynote Address (VIDEO)

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Sarah really brought down the house at CPAC this year as the final keynote address, delivered with passion and patriotism.


God, I love this woman! Why isn’t she running for the GOP nomination? viagr a pfizer

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