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January 11, 2010

Halperin & Heilemann Discuss “Game Change” on Hannity (VIDEO)

A lot has been said about this book already, and much publicized so far, so I’m going to let this video speak mostly for itself. Tonight on Hannity’s show, “Game Change” authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann were on to discuss some of the more juicy details of the book.

There are blockbuster claims, in addition to the insanity of Harry Reid’s “negro-dialect” comment about Barack, including observations of behavior by both Bill & Hillary Clinton, John & Elizabeth Edwards, along with those of Harry Reid, Joe Biden and others on the 2008 Campaign trail.

I’m going out to buy the book tomorrow…I’m anxious to read the rest.

June 9, 2009

Jon Voight on O’Reilly Makes His Case Against Obama (VIDEO)

Tonight on Bill O’Reilly, Jon Voight was a guest and he discussed his speech last night given at a Republican fund-raising dinner, and how he believes Obama is really taking this country on a road of disaster. Voight echoed both Hillary and Biden, who both said during the primaries, that Obama is inexperienced and naive, so he wants to know (as do I) how this happened? We all saw Fascism coming; we all saw wealth-spreading coming; we all saw anti-capitalism coming; yet somehow, enough Americans were zombified by the Hopenchange mantra that they voted him into office – 53% did, anyway.

Voight also points out very well that we, as a nation, are now weaker on foreign policy, and he says foes like North Korea and Iran know it.

Jon Voight is a courageous man, and he’s calling it like he sees it. In fact, he’s calling it like MOST of us see it now. We’re on a Pravda-noted “break-neck speed” course to Socialism (except it’s more like fascism). Don’t you just hate it when someone in Hollywood tells the truth? Not you, my fellow realists – I’m speaking to YOU, the kool-aid drinking libs who have over-indulged in the Obama jesus juice.

February 2, 2009

Brawl Breaks Out on The View With John Ziegler On His Documentary ‘Media Malpractice’ (VIDEO)

John Ziegler was on The View today to talk about his upcoming documentary, ‘Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected,’ and all hell broke loose after about a minute and a half. Transcript? HA! Not a chance! Who could? You’ll see after you watch this.

I think this is the strongest and most amped up I’ve seen Elisabeth get in a while because she finally had someone on her side, so she wasn’t powerless against the other witches in the coven. And this is a subject Elisabeth feels very strongly about, as do many other Americans – the liberal media shat on Sarah Palin, all the while giving Barack Obama a nice reach-around.

Ziegler’s documentary is right on. And Elisabeth felt empowered to fight today because it was obvious Ziegler was willing to take on the lot of them, and you could tell she felt that power in numbers (and intellect, in this case).

Toward the end, I thought Barbara was going to blow a gasket. I’ve never seen her lose her cool like she did with Ziegler, and it was quite a delight to see! Don’t you just love it when bedwetting know-it-alls realize they’re getting their asses kicked, yet they still keep crying out “BUT…BUT…BUT!!!!

January 23, 2009

Coulter Vs. Colmes & McClellan On Dr. Phil (VIDEO)

Today on Dr. Phil, the subject was “President Obama – Hope Vs. Reality.” Ann Coulter, Alan Colmes, and Scott McClellan were guests. I was absolutely SHOCKED by the warm reception Ann got from Dr. Phil’s audience, especially since they’re in California. Having said that, Dr. Phil is a good ‘ol Texas boy, who probably has the same values and Constitutional values as does Ann. I was delighted to see the positive response.

Scott McClellan looked absolutely frightened – Ann seemed not to want to pounce on him, for fear of offending Dr. Phil (southern manners do apply), but she was ticked at Scott nonetheless. That was VERY evident! Alan was even a good sport, and I enjoyed seeing the 4 of them discuss these issues together. Dr. Phil asked Ann, at the end, if she would come back and discuss the subject of unwed mothers, because, as he said, she has a mountain of evidence and statistics on this subject, and how it has brought ruin to our society. I have a feeling Dr. Phil is a kindred spirit in the conservative world.

November 29, 2008

I Don’t Want No Obamation (VIDEO)

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Don’t we all feel this way? What a great video about the upcoming administration from a rising star named Ash Soular.

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