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August 18, 2012

Woman Loses Her Mind Over Being Charged 20 Cents for Water at Convenience Store in GA (VIDEO)

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Warning… N.S.F.W. in the LEAST!

Alternate titles? “At a Loss For Words…” or “The Deterioriation of America.”

This video is find cheap viagra online from last year, but I just came across it tonight.

…speechless, pissed, and sad simultaneously. Sad for our country, that is.

August 14, 2012

Thank You, Team Obama, For the Best Laugh I've Had In Years!

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Okay now, this is rich! Team Obama, according to The Hill, is confident that Biden will be able to take on Paul Ryan in their debates. According to the piece:

…Obama’s campaign is brimming with confidence about the match-up between Biden and Ryan, arguing that the real game-changer is on their side.

In speeches Monday and Tuesday in the swing states of North Carolina and Virginia, Biden cranked up the rhetoric, highlighting the Obama campaign’s belief that it has the momentum in the race — not Romney and Ryan.

Senior aides close to Biden insist the vice president can attack Ryan and Romney with force and his characteristic folksiness, all while charming a crowd with humor and self-effacement.

“He’s real confident talking about Ryan because he knows him. It’s an easy thing for him to do,” said one senior adviser to Biden. “He can criticize Ryan without being personal about it.”

My thoughts?

Laughing Donkey

March 8, 2012

You Know the Old Saying, "There Oughta Be a Law…?" (VIDEO)

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…yeah, well there OUGHTA be one for this shameful behavior:

This is what’s viagra online without a prescription wrong with the entitlement society. Only thing she didn’t mention was free contraception. Free or not, I damn sure hope she’s taking it. Lazy bitch!

And seriously… two houses? TWO HOUSES?

February 14, 2012

Allen West's Rousing Speech at 2012 CPAC (VIDEO)

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As usual, Congressman Allen West needs no explanation or introduction; just buy female viagra a warning that watching this speech may cause you to jump up out of your chair and cheer out loud. Viewer discretion, epecially upstairs neighbors, be advised. The cheering you may hear may not be suitable for delicate or sensitive ears.

If you look up “barnburner” in regards to speeches in the dictioary, chances are you’ll see a picture of Allen West next to the entry.

Again, I’m late on the CPAC posts, but especally with this one, better late than never. :-)

February 12, 2012

Jack Lew Reveals to Chris Wallace Exactly Why Obamacare MUST Be Repealed! (VIDEO)

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You have to watch the whole thing because it’s really incredible. Chris Wallace asked the first key question I don’t think anybody else has asked about the new “preventive care” or “contraception” mandate that was handed down as part of Obamacare. viagra north shore The question came early on, and Jack Lew’s answer was stunningly blatant. Here’s the key portion to which I am referring, from the Fox News transcript:

WALLACE: Before we get to the president’s new budget and I promise we will, I want to clear up some lingering question about the president’s revised policy about providing health insurance coverage for birth control to the employees of religious institutions. The president now says that Catholic institutions don’t have to provide the coverage but the insurance companies do.

The question — where does the president get the power to tell a private company they have to offer a product and offer it for free?

LEW: Well, Chris, just to be clear — the president has the authority under the Affordable Care Act to have these kinds of rules take affect.

Wait what?

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