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April 12, 2012

Check Out Essential 2012 Bumper Stickers & Some Gear Here!

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February 25, 2012

Franklin Graham on Greta Discussing Christian Pastor Facing Death Penalty in Iran (VIDEO)

From Greta’s show On the Record last week, Franklin Graham was on to discuss the recent persecution of a Christian pastor in Iran, who has been put on trial and faces the death penalty for apostasy against Islam.

I am praying for this pastor and his family. This type of religious bigotry should not be happening in this day or age.

Again, must we continue to parrot the lie that Islam is a relgion of peace?

February 14, 2012

Occupy DC Gets a Conservative Counter Protest (VIDEO)

h/t MRC TV

We need to start seeing MORE of this stuff!

February 5, 2012

Question for Julianna Smoot – What's Wrong With Karl Rove's "Obsession?"

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On Friday, Julianna Smoot from Obama’s 2012 campaign sent out an email alert titled “Karl Rove sent you a message.” This is just another of the Obama 2012 campaign emails begging for $3 for a varity of things, from a chance to have dinner with how you get pfizer viagra Barack and Michelle, to a chance for another dinner with Nancy Pelosi and Obama. $3 really? Would it be worth that? ! I don’t know about you all, but they’d have to PAY me to have dinner with any of these idiots. I don’t think I could keep my dinner down with Pelosi, either, so that would have to weigh in on my decision to parting with three of my hard-earned dollars. I’ll have to think on that one.

Oh, okay, I’ve decided: No thanks.

Anyway, Julianna’s email provides us with some earth-shattering, unbelievable insight into Karl Rove’s intentions for 2012. From the email (emphasis mine):

Nope 2012

Karl Rove tweeted about you.

When he heard about our Two-Term Fund, he tweeted:

Saw another @BarackObama fund appeal for $3 gift. Good mktg or forced by low enthusiasm? Bet many upset 08 donors are taking pass this year.

January 31, 2012

While Our Divorced Parents Fight & Embarrass Us in Public, I’m Taking This Time to Test Out Some New Themes For My Site

From the Desk of MsU ~

As you all know who have been reading (or trying to read) my blog lately, I have been suffering from several things: On a brief hiatus; recovering from a debilitating health problem; having problems with bad HTML codes; experimenting with new themes for customization (with as little of a financial impact on me as possible, which is very key); and a slight burnout on these embarrassing weeks of GOP on GOP in-fighting.

I gotta tell ya folks; this kind of reminds me of something a friend of mine recently went through. She and her siblings agreed to meet with their now-divorced parents for dinner. While at the restaurant after exchanging shallow pleasantries, her parents began immediately engaging in loud and boisterous arguing about what the other had done wrong in the marriage. Dad was yelling at mom, and mom was yelling at dad, and it wasn’t meant, quite clearly, to bridge any relationship gaps that had formed since their divorce many years ago.

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