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November 1, 2009

Rush Limbaugh on Fox News Sunday (VIDEOS)

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Today on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Rush Limbaugh was on to talk about several things including the Obama administration, Sarah Palin, his past battle with addiction, and many more things. I though this was a brilliant interview, and one that I will watch again and again in the future. For those of you who doubt Rush or his power, keep on dreaming – he IS that dominant.

If Rush weren’t so content at doing what he does, I think he would make a fine public servant.

October 22, 2009

Beck On Rush Caller Who Says FBI Told Her to Watch Beck & Listen to Talk Radio for ACORN Info (VIDEO)

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Today on Rush Limbaugh’s show, he had a caller named Marie from California. Marie said she was frustrated by not getting answers from ‘higher ups’ so she called the Los Angeles field office of the FBI to find out what the hell was going on with ACORN. According to Marie, both times she spoke to the FBI, they told her that if she wanted to know what was going on with ACORN, she should watch Fox News and listen to talk radio. Rush said “woah, woah, WOAH!” wanting to clarify what he’d just heard.

Marie again said that on her second conversation, the FBI told her that if she wanted to know anything about what was going on with ACORN, she should specifically watch the Glenn Beck show. They said that they at the FBI all watch Beck to find out what’s going on with ACORN, too.

Glenn doesn’t believe Marie, I don’t thing Rush did either, but it’s still funny nonetheless.

August 26, 2009

Beck & Rush Discuss the FCC and Their Diversity Officer (VIDEO)

Left or right, Democrat or Republican, this is information EVERYONE needs to know! Forget the Fairness Doctrine… this is more insidious! And the FCC “Diversity Officer,” Mark Lloyd is an admirer of Hugo Chavez???? And what in the hell did our country do to STOP the anti-Chavez revolution? This raises more questions for all of us. Please – go ASK BOLDLY and SPEAK WITHOUT FEAR!

I know I am.

August 26, 2009

Beck & Seton Motley on Van Jones & Frank Lloyd (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck and Seton Motley of the Media Research Center discussed the current attempts to stifle free speech, outside of the Fairness Doctrine, compliments of Mark Lloyd, the new FCC Diversity Officer. “Freedom of speech is a distraction?” Are they kidding us? However, that’s not the worst. People, if there is one quote from this video that resonates with you, it should be the one that came from Van Jones’ own mouth: “I am a community organizer in the Federal family.”

I don’t think more words are even necessary to express the chill I feel over that proclamation.

August 9, 2009

Greta Highlights Rush’s Response to the “Angry Mobs” Charge (VIDEO)

Last week on Greta, she played some of Rush’s radio show video where he lambasts the White House and the DNC on their offensive tactics against grass-roots efforts trying to get their concerns heard at townhall meetings. Also at question is Linda Douglass of the White House, spearheading a ‘snitch’ campaign to get Obama followers to report any “fishy” emails with “disinformation” about the Healthcare bill by forwarding those emails to

How Orwellian does this sound to you? Where is the liberal hue and cry about THIS regarding regular folks’ privacy like it was during the discussion of the Patriot Act? Why, there is none, that’s obvious. It’s perfectly ok to collect data for your “dear leader” if he’s of your party, so this email harvesting crap is just fine for the left. What a bunch of shyster, hypocritical idiots. Payback is coming, and it will begin happening as soon as 2010. Don’t doubt it.

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