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January 28, 2011

Beck: What’s Happening To Us? Where Are Our Priorities? (VIDEO)

Today’s Glenn Beck show was a very somber yet thought-provoking one. Living, breathing, sentient beings are turning against one another, and for stupid, idiotic reasons. Since when did we think it was good for the Republic that we be fighting amongst ourselves, instead of uniting together again like we did on 9/11 & 9/12/01?

Unfortunately, our priorities are all fouled up. The man-on-the-street interviews done by many TV hosts show the sad state of intellect and knowledge that is going to be the death of this country if we don’t wise up.

Glenn makes a great point about this very subject. Why is it that “The Jersey Shore” has record-breaking ratings for MTV, yet most of the viewers of these shows cannot name many elected officials when shown their photos? Why do we ALLOW ourselves to become so focused on the “Entertainment Tonight” shows of the world, yet refuse to pull our heads out of our asses long enough to at least pay attention to some of what’s going on in the real world?

November 29, 2010

Col. Ralph Peters Goes Off Over WikiLeaks: Holder “Weenie of Weenies;” Assange “Maggot;” Obama “Gutless Wonder” (VIDEO)

Excellent rant, Col. Peters! Tonight on Scoreboard with David Asman, military analyst Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) was on to give his take on the latest WikiLeaks document dump, and has some pretty choice words for everyone involved. The title to this video should give you a good hint… it’s enough fun for EVERYONE!

Now that we know how Col. Peters feels, I’ll just give you my input that I think Julian’s surname is perfect: Ass-ange. Hopefully, if he’s arrested and tried for treason, I hope he gets some sweet, sweet “Bruno” ass-AGE in prison. Puny little whiney prick. Thanks for nothing, you dumbass. You didn’t exactly expose anything that a lot of folks didn’t already think to themselves or whisper in private company, but putting it all in print for all the world to see just gives all of our allies (however many we have left after this) all the more reason to never EVER trust us again.

So how’s that gonna work with the Obama hopey-changey, the-world-will-love-us-again thingy? In two words? It won’t. Not that Obama had engendered any swell feelings between our existing allies and us, this certainly won’t make things any better.

November 11, 2010

Greeting America’s Returning Heroes in Bangor Maine (VIDEO)

On tonight’s edition of Follow the Money on the Fox Business Network, Eric Bolling featured a group of real American heroes and patriots who, year-round, stand at the ready to greet America’s Military heroes as they return home, flying into the airport at Bangor Maine. The “Maine Troop Greeters” are the focus of a movie called “The Way We Get By,” which is based on their experiences greeting the troops as they return home from the Middle East.

What a heart-warming story. And what dedication! This group is ready round-the-clock, with an early shift that gets to the airport for the first flight of each day.

BONUS: Check out the trailer for this movie. If you don’t at least get a lump in your throat, you ain’t human.

The Way We Get By – Trailer from The Way We Get By on Vimeo.

I just went and bought the Collector’s DVD & music CD at the movie’s official website. I’d like to see it in wide release in theaters.

November 6, 2010

The Most Despicable “Comic” I’ve Seen Since Ted Rall’s Infamous Tillman Jab (COMIC)

I didn’t think the progressives/leftists could get any worse, but I was just proven wrong. If you recall, Ted Rall has garnered the ire from many on the right AND left with his vicious, heartless “comics” about our military men and women; most famously his drawing defaming war hero Pat Tillman.

Well, apparently there’s a progressive lunatic that is trying to one-up (or one-down, as the case may be) Rall in that category. This comes from some “artist” named Matt Bors, and one of his latest entries is featured on the Campus Progress website. This item apparently thinks the military will like the repeal of DADT because they’ll have more recruits.

Matt Bors on DADT Military Recruitment

The message, you see, is that the military already does recruit “bullies” to enlist. Wow. How very adult of you, Mr. Bors.

Folks, this is BEYOND disgusting. It’s reprehensible, deranged, and absolutely beyond the pale. Just exactly what is it about this “comic” that the website or the “artist” finds amusing? On the other hand, I guess I shouldn’t really expect any more from the oh-so-tolerant progressive left in this country. What a bunch of clowns. By the way, Campus Progress is a Soros-funded outfit, and openly display their “Center for American Progress” affiliation on their homepage. Ugh!

October 7, 2010

Check Out Allen West’s New Ad: A Debate Challenge to Obama (VIDEO)

No commentary needed on this. Just watch and enjoy. More conservative candidates need to be this bold, this refreshing. Floridians, do what you have to do to get this American hero, Lt. Col. Allen West, into office.

I would vote for West, but I don’t live in Florida. Doesn’t mean I can’t send him some money, though, and I plan to do just that – he needs our support; wherever in America we are!

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