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August 10, 2010

Race-Baiting Pastor Tries to Entrap White Indianapolis Police Sgt. (VIDEO)

I have been trying to calm myself down to write about this story ever since I first heard about it because truthfully, I was madder than a wet hen. I didn’t even know if I could put into words how I felt, or how every single thing about this is so wrong in so many different ways. And to top that off, as far as I know, nothing ever happened to the “pastor” of this church who tried to trap the white Police Sergeant.

Then one day last week, Glenn Beck got ahold of this story, and on his show that night, he explained exactly how I felt about this whole charlie-foxtrot of a situation. He also managed to display the requisite manner and amount of outrage of which this entire scenario so deserves. So, without further adieu, I will let Glenn explain why we are all ticked off about this.

Sadly though, because of the PC society in which we live, this “pastor” and the Parks Dept. employee at this community center will probably get away with every damn thing they did. And I won’t be surprised if they try to pull this crap off again!

May 16, 2010

RedEye’s Take on the Times Square Bomber, Faisal Shahzad (VIDEO)

Recently on RedEye, Coulter was on and they discussed the lunatic political correctness that surrounds this investigation of the Times Square Bomber. Guests Jim Norton, Ann Coulter and Juliette Huddy were cracking up, as was I; especially at Norton’s speculation that Shahzad was just disgruntled because he was recently fired from the “Fertilizer & Firecracker Emporium.”

I just LOVE this show, and Jim Norton is hilarious. Norton & Coulter together are a scream.

September 1, 2009

Taze Him Bro! Obama Supporter Crashes GA Tea Party Rally (VIDEO)

All I gotta say to the cops is “TAZE HIM, BRO!” This dude DESERVED it! He assaulted the cops flat out, so he’s lucky the camera was around. Zack Lyde is an idiot and should have been tazed!

Question: Is there a difference between a useful idiot and a useless idiot? Just askin’. Heh.

July 24, 2009

Today I Am Sgt. James Crowley

I stand in solidary with Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley after his lawful arrest of Harvard Professor and obvious professional Race Pimp, Henry Louis Gates Jr., pictured here:

Mr. Gates, you have met your match, and “we” will never apologize for doing our jobs. You are a sham, a fraud, and a media whore. Go peddle your race card elsewhere, and take Obama with you.

Have you no shame, Mr. Gates? Apparently not.

June 3, 2009

Store Owner Pulls Gun on Robber, Gives Him $40, Bread & Converts Him to Islam (VIDEO)

Well, the robber actually asked for the “Muslim” part, but it was quite a story. Today on Studio B, Shepard Smith had the store owner, Mohammad Sohail, on the show to tell the story.

Here’s how it goes: Robber enters store with baseball bat. Store owner pulls shotgun on robber. Robber drops to his knees and cries like a baby, begging store owner not to shoot him or call the cops. Store owner listens to sob story about a lost job, no money and a hungry family, gives robber $40 cash and some bread. Robber says “I want to be a Muslim just like you.” Store owner says basically ‘are you kidding me? You want to be a Muslim?’ So robber takes some Islamic vow, promises not to rob anyone else and runs from the store when the store owner goes to get some milk to go with the bread.

Moral of the story? If you’re a TV anchor DON’T announce to the viewing public that the store owner’s gun never has any ammo! Thanks a pant-load, Shep. Now he’s probably going to get robbed by the thug again!

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