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September 17, 2010

Massachusetts Public School Students Learn to Pray to Allah (VIDEO)

h/t The Blaze & from YouTube user apeacet:

In late May of 2010, Wellesley, Massachusetts public middle school students took a field trip to the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center – a controversial Saudi-funded mega-mosque run by the Muslim American Society of Bostn. There, the students were separated by gender and the boys were asked to join the Muslim adults in their prayer. Several of the public school boys took part.

How much longer will we allow garbage like this to continue? Can you imagine a public school even THINKING about sending kids to an afternoon Bible School or any kind of Christian Revival? Are you kidding me?

May 2, 2010

NYPD Commish Ray Kelly Gives Update & Details of Yesterday’s Failed Bomb Attempt in Times Square (VIDEO)

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Today NYPD Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, gave details about a possible suspect that ran from the scene, the content of the suspicious vehicle, and information about various claims by Taliban and others who are apparently trying to take credit for yesterday’s failed bombing attempt in Times Square. From WCBS 2 TV today:

A group that monitors militant websites had said the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the SUV bomb, which didn’t explode.

The NYPD is checking surveillance cameras around Times Square Sunday as they search for suspects in the car bomb scare. “We’re in the process of identifying additional cameras which may have captured images of the vehicle and more important, people seen driving or leaving the vehicle,” said NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly.

The FBI is also involved in the investigation.

All City cops whose shift was supposed to end at midnight were kept on the job overnight, and checks were conducted in the outer boroughs for any suspicious activity that might be related to the incident.

Police also said the license plate on the rear of the SUV did not belong to the vehicle, rather it was traced to a man who said it was on a car that he left at a junk yard.

April 30, 2010

Bloomberg Presser on Possible Attempted Car Bombing Attack in Times Square (VIDEO)

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From the New York Times:

The police discovered a car bomb in a smoking Nissan Pathfinder in the heart of Times Square, prompting the evacuation of thousands of tourists and theatergoers from the area on a warm and busy Saturday evening.

There was no explosion.

“It appears to be a car bomb left in a Pathfinder between Seventh and Eighth” Avenues on 45th Street, said Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman.

The device, he said, contained “explosive elements” that included “propane tanks, some kind of powder, gasoline and a timing device.”

“This is very much an active investigation,” he said.

Mr. Browne, speaking shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday, said that no one was in custody. “We haven’t identified any kind of a motive,” he said. “It appears to be a car bomb, but we haven’t attached a motive to it.”

Mr. Browne said the police were checking security cameras after reports that someone had fled from the car.

A federal official said that domestic security officials had been informed that the event did not appear to be a terrorist threat. The official referred all requests for additional information to New York City police.

March 21, 2010

Last Minute Protests (VIDEO)

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From Politico today:

Tea Party protesters disrupted Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s press stakeout at a House Office Building, yelling “you’re a disgrace to your office” and one protester yelled a gay epithet at Rep. Barney Frank again on Sunday, adding yet another layer of chaos to an already tense afternoon on Capitol Hill.

In a moment of apparently unscripted political theater, Pelosi and Democratic leaders marched arm in arm — with civil rights pioneer John Lewis — across the Capitol complex while protesters yelled at them and police held a barricade.

The Pelosi disruption came inside the Cannon office building, where Democrats where whipping the final votes for the historic health care overhaul. When Pelosi said “We’re doing this for the American people,” a protestor yelled “you’re doing this TO the American people!”

Oh, and somebody allegedly yelled “faggot” at Barney Frank. Big deal. There are much worse things happening in our country now, like the government takeover of 1/6th of our economy.

January 20, 2010

Scott Brown’s Victory Speech in MA Tonight: “Me Against the Machine? No It Was ALL Of Us Against the Machine!” (VIDEOs)

Again, wow… just wow. The formerly-believed-to-be eternal seat for Dems was taken away tonight by the MA special election to fill Teddy “The Swimmer” Kennedy’s seat. Scott Brown won handily against lackluster candidate, Martha Coakley. Martha wasn’t helped by any stretch of the imagination, when she said Curt Schilling was a Yankee fan. This was the ultimate in tone-deafness in Red Sox territory. If that wasn’t bad enough, Coakley thought shaking hands outside of Fenway Park was a waste of time. What a mind-numbed idiot this one was. Obama wasted what little political capital he had left on this moron, and I don’t feel sorry for her (or him) one bit.

In my mind, this was political karma, and it bit Martha in the ass…BIG time! And if you never thought it before, Scott Brown has proven himself to be one class act – he gave congrats to Coakley, Obama and other notable Dems. He even paid homage to the Kennedy family, and I don’t think he even mentioned party in ANY of this speech. Want to know why? It’s no longer about the “R” or the “D;” it’s about principles and values, and you can have both in either party – or you can have neither and owe your soul to the devil. Scott Brown gets it – do you?

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