August 8, 2011

Judge Judy Exposes Reason #376 Why "Poor" People Should Pay Taxes, Too (VIDEO)

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I’ve never seen anything so despicable in my life (well, maybe so, but this is right up there). On a recent episode of Judge Judy, the defendant was trying to say that he didn’t owe the plaintiff rent because his company was rent enough, never mind the fact that he’s getting more than $400 a month in government subsidies to do just that – pay his damn rent. This is insanity! This is a prime example of the poor, poor, pitiful poor 51% of Americans who pay ZERO income taxes, and by God it’s time they start “sharing in the sacrifice.” This fool is sacrificing nothing, and his ignorance is on display for everyone to see. I hope Judge Judy DID send that tape to Congress, along with a letter of recommendation as to what she thinks this “man” actually “needs” in government assistance. Answer? Not a damn thing.

From the YouTube page of thechristianrepublic:

I agree with the YouTube poster. He’s provided some useful commentary and a prescient suggestion:

This is the perfect example of why our tax system needs to be overhauled. We support people who are able body individuals who are only lazy who are scamming the system. Let’s stop supporting people like Duane Brooks Jr.

Write to the Ramsey County welfare office to complain about this flagrant abuse of taxpayer money. I recommend that everyone do the same. Here is their contact information:

Mary Nelson
Financial Assistance Services Division
Ramsey County Community Human Services
Phone: 651-266-4365

Come on people, what are you waiting for? Ms. Nelson is waiting to hear from us all. $70,000 down the drain, indeed. buy viagra pills

  • pete s

    Why isn’t the main street media on this issue? The reason is that Obama Bucks is the new way to pay your way. The Democratic liberals have to go.

    • Melissa Amber Digiulio

      Hi Judge Judy you’re a bitch

  • Ladyred007

    This has been going way before Obama took office.  It’s has been an issue for years.  Not just the last four.  This guy is clearly an idiot and the woman that took him in is a bigger idiot!  He makes students that need financial aid look horrible.  I was on aid in college and I received housing aid as well.  I graduated and got a job and paid my way.  There should be a checks and balance system to make sure the money is being used properly.

    • Cal

      The tax payers should not have to foot the bill for anyone that seeks higer education. Ever heard of “work your way through college”?

  • Melissa Amber Digiulio


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