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November 22, 2010

Herman Cain on Scoreboard: What Obama’s Gotten Wrong So Far With the Business Community (VIDEO)

Today, Herman Cain appeared with David Asman on Fox Business’ “Scoreboard” to talk about what President Obama has gotten wrong so far in dealing with America’s small businesses. Herman also gives some ideas and suggestions that he could and would give Obama, if asked, about how to help the economy and help businesses bounce back in these economic times. The primary item? America’s standing as the second-highest in the world regarding corporate taxes, and what he would do to help get our economy going again.

Lastly, Herman dives in to the 2012 Presidential elections, saying he is getting more and more close to throwing his hat into the ring for that office. Herman has been a CEO, business owner, entrepreneur, economic dynamo, and common-sense thinker in regards to what it will take for America to not only get moving in the right direction again, but what things we can do to make America the economic powerhouse it has been and should be for the benefit of the entire world’s economy.

If you’re not familiar with Herman Cain, you should be. Check out his website at, and understand that he is one of the foremost advocates of the FairTax.

November 22, 2010

Huckabee Gives Behar a Lesson on Taxes & Why Saying “No” Is Sometimes a Good Thing (VIDEO)

Today on The View, Mike Huckabee was on, and during the chat, Joy Behar harangued him about his party being the party of “no,” wondering if saying “no” was only going to cause gridlock “to the max” in Congress (hey, Joy… sometimes we are spared from more harm when Congress is doing less). Anyway, the Gov. then proceeded to inform her why “no” was something that the voters actually asked for this past election, specifically noting Obamacare.

Joy apparently is one of those dolts who thinks a 26-year-old is still a child, who should be able to suck off of their parents’ (or the government’s) teat because they just can’t manage at such a young, tender age. /sarc

Then Ms. Blowhard moved on to a recent piece by billionaire Warren Buffett and others who say that they, as millionaires and above, should pay more taxes. The Gov. then proceeded with the further education of Ms. Joy by letting her know that of the 270+ thousand millionaires in the U.S., only 40 have come out publicly saying they agreed with Buffett and that crew.

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