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November 3, 2010

And You Idiots in California Elected This Fool, Jerry Brown, for Governor? (VIDEO)

You loons in California get what you vote for, and thusly what you deserve. Do NOT expect to get a bail-out from the other states (without a fight), and you will reap what you have sown at the ballot box this year.

Can anybody who watches this speech by Brown tell me what in the hell he said? Did he vote for Prop 19 early and partake already? Good Lord, Californians… what the hell is wrong with you? More importantly, what the hell is wrong with Jerry? Is he as high as he sounds? And don’t give me that “tired” crap…others have been awake all night and have sounded coherent. Jerry? Eh, not so much. Perhaps he’s waiting on a message from the mother wheel.

Again, I’m still stunned that you morons voted for this dope over a tried and true successful CEO of a worldwide company, eBay. What on earth do you see in Jerry Brown that you could not get from Meg Whitman?

Oh, never mind… I forgot about the pot and criminal illegal alien votes. Don’t visit your financial woes on the rest of America – keep your fiscal troubles to yourselves, and again, don’t expect a bailout from the rest of us.

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