May 31, 2010

Liberal Bed-Wetter Chicago Mayor Daley Refuses to Say if Homeowner Will be Charged for Perp Getting D.R.T. In His Home (VIDEO)

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This is just beyond the realm of insanity. Recently, an 80-year-old Chicago resident, who is a Korean War veteran, shot back at a home intruder. The robber missed, but the homeowner did not, and apparently Mayor Daley is still not saying whether or not the homeowner will face charges for killing the intruder.

From The Examiner:

Daley seems to be the one whose understanding is a bit foggy. Perhaps he was confused about the question, but when asked “with what can 80-year-old man who walks with a cane best protect himself and his family from a young, fit, armed home invader (and career criminal), who has already illustrated his ruthlessness by firing twice?” a gun most certainly is the answer.

No wonder the idiots who moved to Washington D.C. have contaminated an already filthy, toxic gene pool there with all the slime from the Chicago political machine.

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