November 21, 2009

SNL: Obama & Jintao Press Conference in Beijing (VIDEO)

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SNL apparently has no problem mocking Oba-mao. This was probably one of their funniest parodies to date.

LOL @ Obama still.

  • frankolio

    This was absolutely great! Im going to watch more SNL again. Yeah! You should hear all the liberals crying and whining about how SNL is a bunch of right-wingers. Its funny because SNL has done that to every President. The right-wingers knew it was all in good fun when they did it ti Bush, Regan, etc. What is wrong with the crybaby homo liberals anyway?

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  • tvnewswatch

    Did see this in China, though many links to the video are blocked. NBC link won't play outside US, YouTube has been blocked as has LiveLeak. However one link did work, and it is somewhat amusing. One Chinese I spoke to thought the Chinese nation would be offended if they saw it. However, it is unlikely they ever will unless it gets a broader circulation. CNN have been know to air such clips from SNL which may get into public arena in China. That may rattle some anti-western anger, and CNN would probably be wrongly blamed along with the west for “hurting the feelings of all Chinese people”. They are a very touchy and sensitive lot, the Chinese.

  • Susan

    Somebody thinks CHINA is the butt of the joke here? Huh? Its not even really Obama being poked at – its more the entire USA! And its funny because its true. We don't make anything anymore, we outsourced everything. And they now own our butts.

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  • lucky_86

    The only way to tell a Democrat from a Zombie is that Democrats have no interest in brains.

  • daryl

    Everyone should download the SNL Obama-Jitao video if you want to save a copy.
    They're scrubbing every copy they find using copyright law as the excuse.

  • psypher



  • Garrett

    Yeah, this is rare to find now. Killed due to copyright.. They didn't do that with the Palin Parodies…. Makes me hate the Obama administration even more.

  • BubbaT

    Obama is a naive child. I blame Acorn and George Soros for getting this clown elected. But the powers that be want this. Pelosi is just as bad if not worse. At least BO can read a teleprompter and understands it.

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  • Slicolas

    Lol now this is excellent. Its nice to see that people are wising up to the fact that you cant spend and borrow your way out of a recession, that you got into by BORROWING AND SPENDING TOO MUCH!!

    In order to get out of a “recession” you have to save and produce not borrow and spend! Thats like getting a 3rd and 4th credit card to pay for your 1st and 2nd! Sure spending creates a lot of numbers and what looks like growth but it is nothing but a mirage of numbers.

    This Jim Rogers vid talks about Bush and his “stimulus” packages. One of the reasons America got into trouble. And the very reason America is still in trouble!

  • Kevin Stowell

    That was funny, in a God-we're-screwed sorta way!

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  • Alan

    This would be a whole lot funnier if it wasnt all true. We are so screwed . . .

  • redsy

    Truth is always funnier than fiction.

  • kd

    You're just not getting it….it is NOT the Chinese that are being mocked here.

  • Anonymous

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  • MrMagothy

    so true it is not even remotely funny

  • MrMagothy

    so true it is not even remotely funny

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  • tractah

    Nobama: Give me $20. Thank You…now the government, thats me, is gonna help with your finances by “loaning” you $20. Once you get your finances squared away you will be expected to repay the $20 with interest.
    Average Joe: WTF are talking about!
    Nobama: I said thank you, your just an ungrateful peasant.

  • funny acting

    That was amazing. I love how Obama is like.. well.. uhh.. we’re fixing it, but just kinda running around the topic. I don’t know too much about politics or anything of that sort, so SNL is where I learn stuff as funny as that sounds. I never knew we owed that much money. OMG!

  • Anonymous

    Obama has been doing sex to the taxpayers for well over a year.

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