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February 12, 2009

Jon Stewart Pokes Fun at Obama (VIDEO)

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This is destined to be a classic! You don’t see any of the comics poking fun at Obama, so it’s really funny when it does happen.

This made me laugh out loud. And making fun of Helen Thomas? Wonder when The View is going to be attacking Jon Stewart for that one like they did O’Reilly when he poked fun at her. Don’t hold your breaths, folks; Stewart is a fellow liberal, so he can get away with it.

February 12, 2009

Got Food Stamps? Here’s Your Free Cell Phone! (VIDEO)

This is a commercial that has been running in Georgia over the past week or so. I am absolutely stunned.

How in the hell did we get to this point? A free cell phone, given to you by the government? WTF? I bet this stuck in the spendiferous package somewhere.

Oh yeah, sure they tug on your heartstrings by showing an old black woman cowering during a thunderstorm, but when did we get to a point in our society where qualification for food stamps is enough for the government to give you a damn cell phone? And make no mistake – this phone isn’t “free.” It’s coming out of our taypaying pockets!

Now with your gubmint cheese, you’ll get your gubmint minutes.

We’re clearly on the road to socialism. A cell phone is not a right.

I promise you folks this one thing: Every government social program from here on out will be sold to use with a black person in the commercial/advertisement/stump-speech/PSA, etc. Then if we complain about it, we’ll all be RAAAACCIIISSSTS!

February 12, 2009

Sen. Judd Gregg Withdraws from Consideration for Commerce Secretary (VIDEO)

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Breaking news, h/t Drudge:

Senator Gregg Statement on His Withdrawal for Consideration of U.S. Commerce Secretary

Sen. Gregg stated, “I want to thank the President for nominating me to serve in his Cabinet as Secretary of Commerce. This was a great honor, and I had felt that I could bring some views and ideas that would assist him in governing during this difficult time. I especially admire his willingness to reach across the aisle.

“However, it has become apparent during this process that this will not work for me as I have found that on issues such as the stimulus package and the Census there are irresolvable conflicts for me. Prior to accepting this post, we had discussed these and other potential differences, but unfortunately we did not adequately focus on these concerns. We are functioning from a different set of views on many critical items of policy.

“Obviously the President requires a team that is fully supportive of all his initiatives.

“I greatly admire President Obama and know our country will benefit from his leadership, but at this time I must withdraw my name from consideration for this position.

February 12, 2009

Watch Woman Mouth ‘I Love You, Barack!’ (VIDEO)

This is just plain ol’ pitiful. This is from Barry’s rally in Ft. Myers Florida this week, where the woman asked for and got a new home from Obama. I purposefully muted the sound because I want you to concentrate on the zombie-like expression on the woman wearing white.

She’s begins to stand up next to the welfare queen, Henrietta, and as Obama approaches, you can see the Stepford-like glaze in her eyes, mouth agape like a brook trout.

I know she’s in a trance because everyone else is applauding wildly, yet she’s standing there, arms at her sides.

She stares at him breathlessly, and as he starts to turn away from Henrietta, you can see her mouth “I love you, Barack!” And at the final moment you can see her purse her fingertips to her lips, as if to start to blow him a kiss. Did she pass out after that, or did she just throw her panties at him? Hell, one of the NY Times bloggers already wrote about all the women she knows who fantasize or dream of having sex with Barry. Wow… just wow.

February 12, 2009

Pelosi: We Won – We Run Things Now (VIDEO)

Check out this hilarious send-up from SNL last weekend. This is a skit involving actors portraying Sen. Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Let’s see how long this one will stay up. You all know what happened the LAST time some of tried to put those clips up. ;-)

I’ll just use three little letters to explain, trying not to draw attention to myself. S.N.L.

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