December 22, 2008

NYC Building Used by Iranians, Seized by Feds (VIDEO)

Walid Phares was on Fox & Friends this morning, and he had some critical information to share about possible new threats in the United States.

From the Counterterrorism blog:

The US Government seized control last Wednesday of a New York City office building partially owned by a company with ties to the Iranian government. The Treasury and Justice Departments move is aimed to end a flow of cash used to help Iran’s program of nuclear weapons. The seizure is raising troubling questions.

The tower, situated on New York’s Fifth Avenue, was built by an Iranian non-profit group in the 1970s. Federal officials say that the ownership of the building has evolved in an attempt to hide the stake held by an Iranian state-owned bank. The US alleges that Assa Corporation, which owns the building, is a front for Bank Melli, which facilitates the funding of nuclear materials for the Iranian regime. US authorities say that Bank Melli is involved in the Assa Corp. management of the Fifth Avenue facility. According to reports, rental income was sent back to Iran. But the designation does not interfere with the business and other activities of the tenants of 650 Fifth Avenue. In 2007, the Bush Administration froze Bank Melli’s assets in the United States. The FBI seized two Assa’s bank accounts holding $3.1 million.

According to Government sources Bank Melli handles funds for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran) and its Qods Forces, which in turn fund Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad as well as some activities of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Why aren’t we seeing this in the other MSM reports? Oh, yeah… Dick Cheney’s dis of Joe Biden is more important. And don’t forget, the ever-crucial report from the NYT that the housing failure is ALL Bush’s fault.

Nothing to see here, move along….. /sarc

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