August 21, 2008

USA Women’s Beach Volleyball Team Thanks the Prez (VIDEO)

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Tonight U.S.A. Olympians Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh finished as the winning team of the Women’s Volleyball games in their successful run, being the first team to win back-to-back gold medals.

And who did they make a definitive point to thank besides their families? It seemed obvious to me how much Kerri wanted this to get out to the viewing public, and it did in a big way. They thanked our President for his inspiration and for all he’s doing. They are very proud of him, as you can tell. So for all the nay-sayers who were against President Bush attending the Olympics, it mattered to these two women. So it mattered to me.

You can watch the heart-warming ‘thank you’ here.


Extended Video Here.

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  • Larry

    Was it me or did the reporterette interviewing Misty and Kerri get a little stand offish after the GW comment? When they hugged her at the end of the interview she seemed put out to me. After all, they had the unmitigated audacity to say something kind about Bushitler.

  • nedwilliams

    Well, they were sweaty, rain-soaked and a little cheeky/giddy, so who can blame a reporter from bristling a bit from a hug?

  • iowavette

    It is heartening to see there are some Gen Ys not swayed by the media or peer pressure to BDS. They have my best although they clearly don't need it.

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  • Tynet

    Well I guess those 2 havent been afflicted by BDS

  • erp617

    Why were they cut off in mid-word?

  • Acuda4me

    NBC issued the following statement:

    “Although they said 'Mr. President' we believe that Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh were actually referring to the President of NBC, JEFF ZUCKER and not President George W. Bush.”

    • rojo

      nbc….you blow!

      • Nifty

        This video needs to be taken off the air immediately. There can be no evidence that anyone in this country supports Bush- period. It is bad for our European friends or enemies to think anyone actually voted for him. These two need to be shipped to Guantanamo to be re-educated with all the other innocent people who were minding their own business and harming no one. Breitbart better stop this or will go the way of all the other media that went against the rightuous left (CNN and NY TIMES) and suffer the same fate as FOXNEWS, RUSH LIMBAUGH, DRUDGERPORT, and GLENN BECK.

        oh wait….

        • devildog

          Uh yeah….. Rush has certainly suffered a horrible fate. He just signed a 3 or 4 HUNDRED MILLION dollar contract with a broadcasting company. Being a socialist I'm sure you are unfamiliar with how a competitive marketplace functions. Maybe Al Franken and the prophets at AirAmerica can explain in small words so you can understand. After all, they are essentially OFF THE AIR because people don't want to hear their blathering.
          And speaking like as true believer of socialist dictatorships I'm sure you are a big believer in “re education”. Toe the party line or pay the price. What a lover of freedom you come across as, sour grapes maybe? I'm sure Breitbart is quaking in fear over your pronouncement. Didja ever think that they were thanking Bush for words of encouragement he gave them when he spoke to them a few days ago? Probably not because your mind is so consumed with hate.

          Have a nice day.

          • ncider

            obviously, devildog stands very, very close to the microwave when it is turned on. READ the the statement doughhead, Nifty's being facetious.

    • Montjoie

      The Obama Campaign issued the following statement following NBC's statement:

      “We would like to issue this correction on behalf of NBC. Misty and Kerri were in fact referring to the anticipated election of Barack Obama. Senator Obama extends his fondest thanks to them.”

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  • JD

    Perhaps Chris Matthews will felt a tingling up his leg.

    Congratulation ladies!

  • Scott Thompson

    I had respect for KW until she made that idiotic comment. Imagine an Iraqi athlete winning and thanking Saddam Hussein for being an inspiration. Kerri knows how to block a beach volleyball spike, but should stay out of politics. If a guy had said people would be referring to him as a dumb jock. I withdraw my comments if she was referring to Jeff Zucker.

    • Bobweigh

      Ahaha, poor Scott.

  • John Abbott

    I DVR'd this to my computer when it happened.
    I'm considering the idea of leaving it running the next time that I know a liberal is coming over to visit. I wonder if I could set it to continually loop?


  • mic

    I was shocked & disappointed by their comments. Maybe they should go fight in iraq instead of playing beach volleyball, if they were so inspired.

    • Tami

      You are a complete and immature idiot.

      You mean go fight in Iraq… John McCain's son?

      Stock up on excedrine migrane because you will need it on the morning of Nov. 5th. when you wake up to President-elect John McCain.

      Can't wait for the racist messiah to finally go away.

      Congratulations Ladies!!!!! Way to go USA!

    • stix1972

      Are you for real.

  • Brian

    I love the moral idiot that made the Saddam comparison. Probably doesn't realize if they didn't thank Saddam when they won that they- and their entire team and their families- would have been tortured upon their return to Bagdad. I am sure that Kerri is crushed by your lack of respect. Who wouldn't want you on their side.
    I thought they were great.

  • Scott

    I would still do Kerri

    • Todd Eliason

      Oh how dare they thank the President for being an inspiration…the horrors of such a comment. Are you kidding me? How many times do we have to endure all of Hollywood espouse their love for democrats Hillary and Obama and make political comments at awards shows about their view on politics. I'm sure Scott, Nifty and mic were appalled at their comments.

      Yet two female athletes show a heart felt thank you and liberals like Scott, Nifty and mic want to make Iraq war comparisons.

      Yes you whiny liberals, half the country actually feels like Bush has done a pretty good job as president. And when the dust settles in the years to come, he will be even more revered.

      • RJ

        Agree…NBC should be ashamed

      • jim

        good answer to todd we all feel the same way

  • Aaron

    What a disappointment. I was hoping that in a fit of emotional zeal that would start hugging and kissing each other. Alas, maybe next time.

  • mic

    Sorry. I forgot that I shouldn't comment because I have no penis. Oh, and Scottie, Kerri doesn't want you, so you'lll have to settle for old dickless tonight sweetpants.

    • Scott

      What time do you want me to cum over

  • RJ

    Time to boycot NBC…what a disgrace

  • jim

    On the first night of TV coverage in an interview before the opening ceremony Kerri Walsh told the NBC reporter (and I quote from memory) 'The highlight of the trip was hanging out with George W. Bush. Mr. President. And his wife, and his daughter, and his brother, and his dad.'

  • Proud American

    Scott Thompson you are pathetic hateful soul. We will pray for you to get help. Can't stand the sight of a straight forward America-loving US athelete. I guess it's not cool in your neck of the woods. You'd be happier if she said she hated the President who was elected by the MAJORITY of Americans. Sore loser! And you, too, Larry. Get a life! You should have been in a concentration camp to know the difference between President Bush and Hitler, you fool.

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  • stix1972

    Way to go Misty and Kerri. You have done the country proud.

  • Holly

    I am disappointed in the U.S. Women's team choice for attire but certainly praise the men. The outfits are nothing less than a pay per view soft porn. Women on their knees with their buttocks up and suits nestled in their cracks giving every man the opportunity to rewind and make comments. I would like to see the victory be about being Athletic and competing for their title than made fun of with many internet videos posted on the web with shots of their asses in the air!

  • Holly

    my point is well taken especially if you read some on the men's comments in the very blog. Read below “What time should I cum over” –

    At least the men's team had respect for themselves – no shirtless games.

    A victory for porn not for the U.S.A. !!



    GW is a hero, a world hero and he should be thanked.

  • jim

    good answer to todd we all feel the same way

  • jim

    good answer to todd we all feel the same way

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