January 19, 2008

Maher Disses the 10 Commandments (VIDEO)

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Noel Sheppard has the story at Newsbusters. Last night on Real Time, Trace Adkins, John Fund, DL Hughley and some left-wing loon discuss the validity of the 10 Commandments and religion in general. From Noel’s piece, he has a partial transcript:

TRACE ADKINS, COUNTRY SINGER: There’s two reasons why I go with the God thing, because, number one…

MAHER: (Laughing, grabs Adkins’ arm).

ADKINS: (To Maher) Shut up!

MAHER: You go with the God thing?

FUND: Listen to him.

MAHER: I know, I always listen to him.

ADKINS: Number one, just in case!

MAHER: (Laughing) Now that’s honest, right.

ADKINS: And number two, my momma may be watching. Just as D.L. [Hughley, other panelist] was saying, too, because his momma’s watching. (To Maher) Is your momma watching?

MAHER: She passed away.

ADKINS: See, she’s watching, you better shut up!

There were a couple of points in the whole panel discussion, besides this segment, where I thought Trace Adkins was going to jump the desk and choke the ever-livin’ shit out of Mr. Savage. I’m just surprised that Maher actually allowed TWO conservatives on the panel as opposed to how it’s usually stacked 4 to 1.

Watch the video here.

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