August 28, 2007

Tucker Smacks CREW’s Sloan Around (VIDEO)

Tonight on Tucker Carlson, CREW Director, Melania Sloan was on to defend her organization’s position on calling for a congressional investigation into the alleged actions of Idado Senator Larry Craig. Tucker literally flummoxes her on several points. He asks her to recall at least three votes or positions Craig has made against gay rights or gay marriage, and she can only come up with one. She says she isn’t really “familiar” with Sen. Craig’s total voting record, but… (Do you see any problem here?)

Tucker also brings up the fact that the Idaho Statesman newspaper engaging in lengthy investigations, interviewing at least 300 people, into Craig’s alleged gay sexual orientation. Sloan stutters and stammers like a diesel engine on a December morning when Tucker starts asking about why this is appearing to apply only to Conservative Republicans. He also reminds her that many liberals are against gay marriage, but she appears to not hear him at all. All in all, Sloan sounds as dumb as South Carolina’s Miss Teen contestant when answering the question about the map. “such as.” Is Obama a hypocrite for being against smoking, yet he is having a hard time quitting himself? Puhleeze. The hypocrisy here is not on the right; it’s on the leftards who can’t miss an opportunity to bash Conservative Republicans.

Make no mistake: I’m not apologizing for Sen. Craig. If he’s guilty of this, then he should resign. But the liberal medial hypocrisy should be pointed out.

Watch Tucker conduct the trainwreck massacre here.

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