July 2, 2007

Wilson: Bush “Makes Himself An Accessory to the Obstruction” (VIDEO)

Former Ambassador, Joe Wilson, appeared on Keith Olbermann tonight to give his opinion on the President’s actions today commuting the prison sentence part of Scooter Libby’s conviction. Wilson unbelievably makes the claim that by the sheer act of the Bush’s commutation of the sentence for Libby, somehow makes him an accessory or accomplice to the “crime.” WTF? What Constitution is Joe Wilson reading? The lunacy never ends, and Olby doesn’t disappoint either here, with his assumptions on what the intent all along was. Does he really believe the Scooter Libby has been assured all along that he would receive a “get out of jail free” card? Don’t think so.

Olby, do you ever wonder why your ratings are so low? Tonight after this happened, only Fox News was showing all the latest updates on the U.K. bombs and bomb plots, the Benoit case, the Jessie Davis case, the candidates’ campaign chests, and every other newsworthy thing that was going on today, in addition to the commutation of Libby’s sentence. Why, then, praytell, did MSNBC and CNN spend 99% of their 60 minute shows talking only about Scooter Libby? Your BDS is getting out of hand, and thankfully it’s only contagious within your own political party.

Oh, and Keith… why do you call our President “Mr. Bush,” yet you call Joseph Wilson “Ambassador Wilson?”

You can watch the Olby/Wilson meltdown here.

Bryan over at HotAir has excellent coverage here.

  • Jeb

    Ms Underestimated, you’re back! I trust your medical condition has improved. It looks like you can type now, which is great.

    Are you ready to rumble?

    The President acknowledged Libby’s crimes in the announcement that he bravely e-mailed to everyone. He simply thought the penalty was too harsh. [Gee, wasn't there a huge brouhaha about excessive penalties in the right-wing blogosphere recently?] So instead of reducing Libby’s sentence from, say, 30 months to 30 days, he reduced it to 0 (Zero!) days and a fine that’ll probably be paid by his friends. He basically shortcircuited the Judicial process, like some sort of activist something-or-another.

    I wonder if people in courtrooms around the country will start to play the “excessive punishment” card now? Way to go Mr. President! He established a two-tier Justice system. That’s very American.

    If you could answer even a couple of the questions below, I’d appreciate it.

    If the case against Libby was a fraud:

    1. Why did the CIA ever ask Justice to open an investigation?
    2. Why did Justice agree to do so?
    3. Why did John Ashcroft recuse himself?
    4. Why did Bush say he’d fire anyone who leaked the info (which of course he didn’t do. Flip flop?)
    5. For that matter, why did Bush allow millions of tax dollars to be wasted on an investigation of a “non-crime” that he could have declared a non-crime from the get-go?

    So Libby was convicted of obstructing justice during the investigation of a “non-crime” and everyone – jury, Republican appointed judge, a further panel of judges – who worked on his case in the justice system was wrong?

  • Jeb

    Ms Underestimated,

    Why don’t you ever engage anyone in debate?

    You seem to have strong opinions. Do you not have the confidence to defend them?

    Your behavior is sort of cut-and-run-like, don’t you think? Your logo cuts a more intimidating figure than you do on your blog.

    The questions above seem pretty straightforward. Surely you can answer them as a defender of Libby.

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