September 10, 2006

Difficult Decisions, My ASS! (VIDEO)

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ABC’s Nightline tonight after “Path to 9/11″ was a sham and a cover-up for the Clinton administration. What a load of crap! Is this another way ABC bowed to the Clinton’s legal team? Richard Clarke, shoving everything off onto George Tenet, for all the screwups that happened. Can you say “scattered, smothered and covered” alibis? Richard Clarke had the POWER to order Tenet to strike and he did not. He apparently has/had no balls, but that is a surprise to whom?

What an asshat. Richard Clarke’s hindsight is blind. In this segment, they all try to shift the blame to President Bush; both ABC and the Clintonistas interviewed.

God help us if the Democrats ever get back in power. What a bunch of limp-wristed losers. Richard Clarke comes across as the wuss he is. I was so outraged that I couldn’t even bring myself to transcribe this, but wait until you hear Clarke talking about “difficult decisions.” What difficult decisions? You either authorize the taking out of UBL or not, regarless of the “collateral damage” around him!

Should we sacrifice 3,000+ of our own people for some women and children at the camp where Bin Laden was? I know that sounds cruel and heartless, but damnit people, this is the United States, and we have to watch out for ourselves! I don’t give a damn if you lambast me, so go ahead…give it your best shot. But given the opportunity to choose taking out those “innocent” in Afghanistan versus losing Americans, I choose the former. What about you?

You can watch Nightline’s video outrage here.

Both Michelle Malkin and Allah at HotAir are all over this.

  • Army

    Interesting string… Having served 3 year long+ tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, my perspective is a bit different than the BS below. The Media is/was lieing to us about what went on and how we were doing. They were trying their hardest to make it a failure, when it wasn’t. They were saying it was the locals fighting against US Occupation, when much of the fighting was sponsored by or even exclusively NON-Iraqis. They say that the different factions and religions were at eachother’s throats fighting a war of hate…funny as i watched Suni and Shiite and even Kurds working together to go after the terrorists… Liberal lies are publicized daily and over time they become accepted as truth.

    In Afghanistan, yes basically won then began pulling out, down-sizing the US operations…WHY, because that is what NATO wanted as other NATO countries wanted to take over their own operational areas (assuming we had won the war for them) but they were too cowardly and corrupt to keep it under control so the terrorists were able to build strength again, so now we have to do it all over again, but this time against a smarter opponent that has even more backing and funding. Plus they know that the US will eventually get tired of it and pull out if the Dems get their way, so…they keep pressing. Our bets bet there is simply to oust NATO and do it all ourselves, but expect it will take a long time before the culture changes enough for teh government to be stable.

    Two final comments… I am now convinced that our real fight MUST be against Islam or we will lose. There is no one government or organization that we can fight, it is all of Islam. in a study surveying Muslims in the Middle East, it showed that 10% said they actively participate in Jihad or the fight against infadels, 40% said they do not actively fight, but provide support for those who do and 50% said that they neither actively fight or support but they do agree with and sympathize with those who do. Less than 0.01% said they thought Jihad was wrong and did not support it…

    Final comment…Ms U, never met you, but from what i read here today, I think I am in love :-)

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