August 31, 2006

Ann Coulter on Lincoln Chafee With Cavuto (VIDEO)

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h/t Allah at HotAir

I’d heard this earlier, but hadn’t seen anything on the news about it. Until Neal Cavuto this afternoon.

Ann is brilliant. I know she’s promoting her book a lot, but she is smart; and more importantly, she’s “seen.” Ann is an unmatched one-woman PR machine, and she knows how to do it. And I loved the runner across the screen when Ann was on: “Republicans are afraid to be Conservative.” If the shoe fits, well….

Watch Ann smack Chafee around a bit right here.

  • Man of Woe

    I don’t know if I’ve ever met a more intellectually stimulating woman. I know I certainly haven’t dated one.

    Go to dinner with the average woman and she’ll talk your ear off about her friends’ life-changing fashion decisions, the latest gossip on her favorite singer, and/or the latest antics of her kitty cat.

    How refreshing it would be to go to dinner with a woman like Ann Coulter and actually have conversation that’s stimulating. And, of course, she’s kind of easy on the eyes, too.

  • Sherlock

    How dare Ann Coulter be as in-your-face as Howard Dean, and add insult to injury by… actually making sense?! Doesn’t Coulter know that only liberals may use insults to skewer their prey?! Gawd, what has protected speech come to?!!

    Now seriously, has it occurred to anyone that Conservatives being genteel in criticizing Liberals is about as useful as Judeo-Christians being “understanding” in dealing with Islamofascists? It is even more stupid than scattering pearls before swine: it is handing a your own damn pistol to your mugger. Believe me, they will not hand it back to give you “equal time”!

    Speak out Ann! I don’t demand that you be perfect. Just be honest, and effective in fighting the good fight.

  • Auspatriotman

    Well Man of Woe I’m amening your comment. That’s the way Ann hits me. But you have to *have* that kind of interest OR you wouldn’t even give it a second thought about wanting to do dinner. I would enjoy the heaven out of her.

    And a big THANK YOU to you Ms.U for having Ann on today:O) Bravo!

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